Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Note: We're aware this isn't like any other story. It's designed to make no sense, written almost like you would write a play or a movie script. Just enjoy it and laugh and heed the following warning
Warning: By clicking this link and reading the following chapters, you are responsible for your actions while consuming food products. We authors will not be held liable if you choke on your bologna sandwich, electrocute yourself after spitting your Coke all over your computer, or broken bones due to falling off your chair. Happy Reading!!!! ^_^

This story has started out of the hyperactive, and bored mind of Lisa, because she was bored at work, and high on sugar. This is what happens when bored & sugar are mixed.

Here Are Your Authors!!!(Click to view profiles.)
Lisa: The main mastermind. Obsessed with Frank, and Muffin.
Katie: Hyper 24/7. Obsessed with Ray, shiny stuff, skittles, and the edible muffins.
Steph: Random always. Obsessed with Gerard, table sex, and hotel rooms with bathrobes.

Together, they make up the Stratford Threesome. And ST > You.
This Is The ST From left to right: Steph, Katie, Lisa. Ironically at Stratford Mall.

  1. Hyperness and Lost Minds
    What to do when you are bored...
  2. Whoppers and Butts
  3. Strawberries and Pyramids
  4. sweet revenge
  5. Karma Police
  6. WHY THERE?!
  7. What The Heck?
  8. Drumsticks and Blowup Dolls
  9. Skittles & Muffins
  10. Normal or Not?
  11. More Muffins, Aim, and rethinking things
  12. Push!!!!!
  13. ITS SO BIG!
  14. Nudity Bad???
    Ideas by Katie...
  15. Baby Got Back? WHAT!?
  16. Insanity Is A Growing Problem
  17. Is It Detachable?
  18. Thumps and Clangs
  19. You'll Poke Your Eye Out
  20. Black Holes and Mud Pits?
  21. Mud Mud Mud!!!
  22. Bets, Mud, and Pain
  23. The Winner Is??
  24. What Now?
  25. You Took What????
    Who Took What From Katie??? O_O
  26. CHAOS!!!!!
  27. Psychiatry? New Bus? O_O
  28. when Steph's tired...she's hyper...
  29. Asleep or Dead?
    O_O The story died...i gotta bring it back
  30. Not The Hair
  31. All Because Of ONE Ring
  32. Bertie Go Down The Hole!
  33. Who's The Tease Now?
    Dedicated to Katie after something that was said in response to her siggy....
  34. When Lisa is impatient....she's Antsy!!!!!
    Warning: You may be traumatized after reading this. It's not as dirty as it sounds!!!
  35. Holy Muffins! Great Skittles!
  36. Let's see what Lisa can cough out when she's ill..
  37. Aisian He Man?
    Fer Katie....I was gonna do this before but I forgot...
  38. Lisa's sick. Bob who?
    It ain't THAT funny....but still..... teehee
  39. Do What!? On The Where!?
    For Steph!!! ^__^
  40. We're A Bunch Of.....OH SHINEY!
  41. Short People and Poopie...What???
  42. Bob's insane new girl...
  43. What To And Not To Do
  44. Banana Muffin?
  45. Uh oh.
  46. Real Mafia Work....
    I've been in picture captions for far too long....
  47. Hunting Lisa and Starbucks Muffins....
    Lisa has consumed 2 cokes, and most of a 1LB hag of skittles.....beware...
  48. Skittles, and Muffins, and Randomness, OH MY!!
    PMed to me by my INO daughter!!!
  49. Hypno-Ray
  50. The little dog and the big man
  51. IHaveNoIdeaWhatToTitleThis....
    ...It's been too long....
  52. Sugar Withdrawl Is Crazy Business.
  53. Steph has Vault...
  54. Sugar Sugar SKITTLES Sugar....O_O
  55. Mail Order bides?...Pants?.....Blow darts? What th
  56. Who's passionate? Pfft
    I'd like to thank Katie for helping spark my idea for this.
  57. Who's Giggly? Not me. nooooo
  58. Vault, Chips, and Computers
    Yes, I did take those pictures just for this update. *This chapter has been hacked by Lisa too* :D
  60. To save Ray, or not to save Ray?
  61. Blood Bert guts and deathglares....OH MY!
  62. Never, ever hide the Vault.
  63. ...Uh-Oh...Diet Coke
  64. Lisa's Goodbye to Lynn...
    Since Lynn is being banned from Mibba by her parents....which really sucks :(
  65. How To Overcome Depression.
    E-mailed to me by Lynn
  66. Lisa && Steph go to the mall.
  67. Steph got a new CD.
  68. Slinkys, Sammiches, and Duct Tape?
  69. DUN DUN DUN...
  70. Open Your Eyes: We're Still Alive!
  71. Brush of the SciFi Nerd
  72. Sickness = craziness.
  73. Lisa The ***face.
    I need to steam off my recent fangirl obsessions with Adam Gontier and Ben Burnley.
  74. We can't die. We just can't.
  75. Winner's Celebration.
  76. Whats been going on guys?
    more than likely not funny... but a taste of whats going on in life
  77. To Blink or Not to Blink?
    In light of my excitement over what is big news to me.