Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Normal or Not?

Lisa: *Closes the door so no one will walk in* Soooo...can I taste the rainbow???

Frank: Yes. *Drops skittles in his lap*

Lisa: O_O

Frank: THere's a rainbow in my pants...

Lisa: *Looks* There's more than a rainbow...It starts with a B and ends with Oner...

Frank: Why yes...I believe I do have one of those too. Would you like to help take care of it?

Lisa: *Grins and tackles Frank*

< the front of the bus>

Steph: long until we're there?

Gerard: DO I look like a map??

Katie: Yes...*Draws lines on Gerard's arm and face*

Gerard: *Brushes Katie away* I'm trying to drive.

Steph: Yeah and Lisa and Frank are trying to do it.

Ray: *Comes from bathroom* THe area from the bunks and beyond is off limits due to weird noises.

Bob: *Sighs*

Ray: Dude, you need a girlfriend.

Bob: I'm the only normal one here!!!

Mikey: I'm normal!!!

Bob: No you're're related to Gerard.

Mikey: *Smacks Bob.*

Bob: What the fuck?

Mikey: *Goes back to bunk grumbling*

Bob: What did I do?

Gerard: We know he's not normal. We just let him believe he is...

Steph: The same with Way brothers are just...weird.

*Groan and thud from back of bus*

Everyone: O_O


Steph: I'm afraid, hold me Gee...*Pushes into him*

Gerard: I'm driving here.

Katie: Ray, hold me. *Buries face in his fro* Scary noises *Sneezes*

Ray: EWWWWW You sneezed in the fro.

Gerard: We're almost there. About ten more minutes.

Everyone: *Sigh of relief*

Ray: *Grumbles and goes to bathroom* DUDE!!!!!!!!

Katie: Hehehehe......

Alicia: Okay...I can't sleep, I give up with those two gerbils back there...*Sits at table, and crosses arms*

Mikey: *Cuddles Alicia* It's okay...remember we've done it too...

Alicia: ^_^ But we weren't as loud.


Everyone: *Covers ears*

Gerard: *Drives on*