Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

More Muffins, Aim, and rethinking things

StephroxharderthanU: OMFG! *just found the best icon* *falls on the floor giggling*
StephroxharderthanU: Last post
StephroxharderthanU: I KNOW!
StephroxharderthanU: XDDDDDDD
MuffinMonster: him and Tracy should start a club with mikey
StephroxharderthanU: HELL YEAH!
StephroxharderthanU: Well..Tracy was already dead..
StephroxharderthanU: she just woke up for a momento
MuffinMonster: ....true
MuffinMonster: ....but she still was dead
MuffinMonster: But she didn't Die...Mikey && The Patient did.
MuffinMonster: .... fine mikey and the patient can go bond over their tragic mcr related deaths while tracy mopes cuz she was alredy dead....
StephroxharderthanU: XD

Lisa: Why are you tow talking on AIM when youre about 10 feet away from each other

Steph and Katie: Cuz were cool like that

Mikey: I still dont know WHY I had to die

Gerard: Cuz Im your older brother and I said so

Mikey: *calls up Lucas* do you wanna start a club?......Cuz we died in vidos for the band....Tracy was already dead...NO YOU CANT ASK HER TO COME!

Alicia: I want this I want this I want this

Frank: *pokes Alicia* you want what

Alicia: I want to marry Mikey

Ray: This is why we dont bring the girls along

Katie: *glares* Drimstick

Ray: Yes dear

Bob: haha Rays whiped!*is hit by a muffin* HEY! How the hell did you find a Skittle muffin?

Frank: SKITTLE MUFFIN!! *steals and runs away*

Katie: *cries* My Muffin

Ray then you shouldnt have thrown it

Steph: Katie did you use a perminate marker on Gee?

Gerard: Cuz this isnt comeing off

Katie: *Looks at marker before hiding behind Ray* If I say No would you believe me?

Steph and Gerard: -__-*

Lisa: Frank? Get out of the vent

Frank: *hear a scuttleing* I cant

Lisa: Why?

Frank:......I'm stuck