Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...


Lisa: -_- *Starts to crawl in vent* I'm coming. *Is hanging halfway out of vent*

Frank: Hurry....

Lisa: Damn...fatass you're stuck...*Grabs ankle and pulls.*

Frank: That's my foot!

Lisa: Would you rather I pulled something else?

Frank: No. *Wiggles around*

Everyone: *Watching Lisa's lower half hanging out of vent, legs kicking*

Lisa: Push Frank...come on...

Frank: I'm pushing!!!! *Groans*

Lisa: *Reaches farther and grabs his pants leg* Push!!!

*Material ripping*

Lisa: *Falls out of vent holding Frank's pants* Ooohh ouch...

Frank: Lisa???

Lisa: *Dives back in vent*

Everyone: *Just standing and watching*

Lisa; PUSH!!!!

Frank; I AM!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: *Grabs his shirt and pulls*

Frank: You're choking me!!!

Lisa: *Pulls...fallsout of vent holding Frank's shirt*

Frank: *Falls out of vent* Squeee!!!!

Bob: The vent had a ugly boy...

Frank: *Throws muffin at Bob*

Bob: DUDE!!! *Spaz moment* Fucker. *Throws muffin at Frank*

Frank; *Catches in mouth and eats it*

Katie: Dude, go get some clothes on...

Frank: I don't wanna...

Alicia: They'll be off in ten minutes later when Lisa the gerbil joins him.

Mikey: She's right...*Huggles Alicia*

Alicia: I speak the truth...

Frank: *Sits on couch naked*

Ray: Aww dude I lay there!!!

Katie: Not can have my bunk...

Ray: Ok...

Lisa: -_- Why do the weird ones find me?

Frank: You were fine in the hotel room.

Lisa: *Picks up drumstick*

Frank: *Runs to bathroom with clothes*

Steph: He needs a spanking...

Lisa: Sadly...I agree...

Gerard: WE'RE HERE!!!!! Everyone off they're gonna disinfect the bus...