Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Nudity Bad???

*Later that night*

Frank: So...we're staying overnight here...hows about we get a hotel room?

Lisa: Okay.

Frank: Then I can be naked...

Lisa: Frank Iero in The Nudist!

Gerard: Did I just hear something about Frank and nudity?

Lisa & Frank: NO!!!!

Katie: I did!!! They're gonna shoot a porno tonight.

Ray: She's the next Paris Hilton.

Lisa: *Charges at Ray a bundle of drumsticks in hand*


Katie: *Rolling around in a gigglefit*

Alicia: God, Mikey...I mean it we're getting our own bus next time.

Bob: Or we just don't bring you guys along.

Alicia, Katie, Steph: *Glare*

Bob: *Waves hands* Okay okay....

Ray: *Walks back...walking funny*

Bob: Oh no, my drumsticks, they got ass debris on them

Ray: Nope, they're scattered about the ground. She kicked me.

Bob: *Runs outside* I'm coming my drumsticks!!!!!!!!

Lisa: *From outside* OH FRANK!!!! I stole Ray's camera!!!!

Frank: That's my que to exit. *Goes to door of bus...trips down the stairs*

Everyone: *Laughs*

Gerard: Smooth....

Frank: *Grabs Lisa and runs off to hotel*

Ray: Remind me never to touch that camera again...

<In the hotel room>

Lisa: Take one! Action. *Plays music*

Frank: This is weird. I'm not used to walking around naked...

Lisa: Cut! Frank, okay that's not in the script.

Frank: Okay...sorry. *Picks up paper....reads*

Lisa: Take two! Action. *Plays music*

Frank: Oh, what fun walking around naked...I feel so free!!!

Lisa: *Sets camera on table* Frank, how's it hangin?

Frank: Great.

Lisa: Oh really?

Frank: Yeah. Played a concert, then relaxed, cause that's how I hang.

Lisa: Awesome. *Goes to camera* Minds out of the gutter kiddies. Cut *Turns camera off, and caps the lens*

Frank: O_O Come-ere. *Hugs Lisa*

Lisa: Oohhh *Giggle*

*NC-17 activity*

<On The Bus>

Gerard: I'm afraid of what they're doing. I can see their window and I don't like it.

Steph: No spying on them. They don't spy on us!

Alicia: Gerbils I tell you!!

Katie: No, bunnies.

Alicia: He's the bunny, she's the gerbil.

Katie: How's that possible?

Alicia: I don't know. I give up.

Katie: BUNNIES!!!!!!!

Bob: *Backs away to back of bus to play video games*


*Guys get into a game of Donkey Konga*

Katie, Alicia, Steph: -__- Boys....