Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Is It Detachable?

*Next Morning*

Frank: *Groans* Owww my head...

Lisa: *Also groans* Too much sugar...

Steph: *Appears by bunk* Sugar hangover?

Lisa: *Nods*

Katie: Have a muffin. They always help me! *Hands muffins*

Frank: *Throws muffin at Katie*

Lisa: *Throws muffin at Steph*

Steph & Katie: -_- *Walk away*

Katie: *Mumbles* Wasted a good muffin.

Frank: *Holds Lisa* Let's go back to sleep...

Lisa: *Nods*

Frank & Lisa: *Start to fall asleep*

Gerard: WAKIE WAKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Dumps cold water inside bunk*

Frank & Lisa: *Scream and fall out of bunk*

*Later in the day*

Frank & Lisa: *In back of bus, whispering* We gotta get him back for that water thing...

Frank: I got it! *Runs to bunk*

Lisa: O_O

Frank: *Runs back, holding...something*

Lisa: O_O Where did you find that??

Frank: Bob's bunk...

Lisa: Umm---i don't wanna know. Ehh-heh...

Frank: *Stuffs it in hoodie pocket* Come on....

Lisa: I'm scared...But oh so intrigued.....

Frank: *Grabs rope and runs off bus* Where's Gerard?

Lisa: *Points* There....I'll distract Steph....*Walks over* Oh Steph!!! Can I talk to you for a second..

Steph: Okay... *Walks away from Gerard to Lisa* Yeeeees?

Lisa: Would you like to help us get Gerard back for that water thing?

Steph: was my idea.

Lisa: Come on. *Glancing at Frank over Steph's shoulder.

Katie: GERARD!!!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank: Uhh-ohh....*Kicks Gerard in the balls...and runs away holding the...ahem...* Got your penis!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerard: *Reeled over in pain*

Steph: O_O GEE!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: -_- Oh God......KATIE!!!!!!!!!! *Runs after Katie*

Katie: STAY BACK I GOT MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!! *Throws muffins*

Lisa: *Dodges Muffins*

Ray: *Runs away with Katie*

Lisa: I give up. *Watches Frank run by holding the ....ahem...*


Lisa: O_O Oh shit...

Officer: Sir? What are you doing??

Frank: Playing a prank on my friend. You know the 'Got your nose' thing? just wasn't a nose...

Officer: Go back to your bus.....and put that away.....

Frank: *Sulks back to bus*

Lisa: Officer I'm sorry. He's ahd too much coffee today. I told him not to raid starbucks...

Officer: Don't let it happen again.

Lisa: *Nods and goes back to bus* Frank? NO more detachable penis pranks!!!!

Frank: O_O *Quickly hides something and looks at Lisa* Okay!

Lisa: FRANK!!!!!! Oh God!!!! I don't wanna know.....

Frank: What? It was skittles. *Pulls out bag of skittles* I thought you were Katie...

Lisa: Gimme. *Takes skittles and pops a handful* Woot....feel the rush....

Frank: Hehe.....*Pops a handful* It's like drugs...