Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Black Holes and Mud Pits?

Katie: *Frantically searching the bus*

Ray: What's wrong?

Katie: Someone found my skittle stash....Where are they???

Ray: *Looks out window* Umm....I found them....


Frank & Lisa: *Holding skittles over black hole*

Katie: NO *Cries*

Lisa: What? We just wanted to get your attention...

Katie: What?

Lisa: Hi!!!!!

Frank: HIIIIII!!!! *Shakes skittle bag*

Katie: *Watches as lone green skittle falls down hole* Noooooooooo

Frank: Oops...

Katie: *Mourns over lost skittle*

Frank & Lisa: *Go back to bus*

Alicia: Morning guys...*Walks outside....walks back in* Why's Katie sitting next to a hole crying?

Frank: Eh-heh....

Lisa: Sooo...Alicia? Did you get your sleep?

Alicia: Yes! Finally! I didn't have to listen to you rabbits...

Lisa: *Rolls eyes* You and Mikey do the same thing...

Frank: Speaking of rabbits...I'm feeling frisky.

Gerard: Oh-no...

Bob: Did you have skittles Frank?

Frank: Nope....I was thinking of your new friend. Heehee.

Bob: IT'S NOT MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank: I found it in YOUR bunk.

Bob: It was planted there...I was framed...

Lisa: I know how to settle this!!! MUD WRESTLING!!!! Loser claims ownership of it!

Steph: Oohhh Good idea.

Lisa: yes I'm great...All five the mud pit!

Gerard, Ray, Mikey: What?

Lisa: To be fair....All Five of you in the pit!!! NOW!!!!! *Runs away...comes back dressed in black pants, and black and white striped shirt*

Steph: Katie? Are you gonna watch..

Katie: *Mumbling* It was such a good skittle. one really likes green skittles...but it ws such a good little skittle....*Sniff*

Steph: I guess not.....*Joins Alicia next to the pit*

Lisa: Round one! *Blows whistle*