Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Mud Mud Mud!!!

*In The Mud Pit*

Ray: Why am I here? I never seen that thing in my life!

Bob: *Tackles Ray in the mud*

Steph: *To Alicia* How did a mud pit appear in the middle of the parking lot?

Alicia: *Shrugs* Who cares? It's fun to watch...

Frank: YYYAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Tackles Mikey hard*

Mikey: X_X *Crawls/limps out of mud pit*

Lisa: *Blows whistle* Mikey! Out!

Steph: *To Lisa* Wait....the winner claims ownership? How does that work?

Lisa: The last one in is the winner, and the winner claims...oh crap....Sshhh...let's just enjoy our boys mud wrestling...

Steph: ^_^

Alicia: KATIE!?? Come here!!

Katie: *Sniffle* It was such a good skittle...what did he ever do to you? And now he's gone....

Alicia: KATIE!!!!

Katie: What? OMG THEY'RE MUD WRESTLING!!!!! *Runs over*

Lisa: *Whistle* ROUND TWO!!!!

Gerard: I need some action...*Tackles Frank*

Frank: DUDE!!!??? *Spazzes out*

Gerard: Rawr!

Frank: *Charges at Gerard*

Gerard: *Holds out hand to Frank's head, holding Frank away*

Frank: *Arms flailing* Lemme at him...lemme at him...

Steph: You're too short, Frank!

Frank: *Runs and jumps on Bob*

Ray: *Sneaking around pit.* Hmm....What's that Fro?? You wanna attack Gerard? Okay...HAAAAAAA *Runs at Gerard*

Gerard: *Catches Ray by the hair*

Ray: You're gon-



Gerard: Oops...*Dunks hair in mud...sticks to Ray's forehead*

Ray: O_O *Goes cross eyed looking at hair*

Lisa: *Whistle* RAY OUT!!!

Ray: *Sulks out of pit...Hugs Katie*


Ray: You know you liked it.

Bob: I'm gonna win....*Tackles Frank* DIE MIDGET!!!!!!!

Frank: Wahhh Oooff....-Splat-

Bob: *Sits on top of Frank proudly*

Frank: *Arms and legs flailing*

Lisa: *Whistle* FRANK OUT

Frank: *Runs to Lisa and hugs*

Lisa: It was bound to's like Jackass all over again. Ahem....*Ques announcer*

Announcer voice: Gerard Vs. Bob...Who will win? Tune in next time......

*Pan to Gee and Bob having a stare down*