Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

The Winner Is??


Gerard:Ouch...hey.....RAAAAAAAAAAWR *Tackles Bob*

Bob: -Splat- *Kicking at Gerard*

Gerard: *Smacks*

Bob & Gerard: *Both get into hissy, smacking fit like two little preppy girls*

Lisa: -_- This isn't going anywhere....*Blows whistle*

Bob & Gerard: What?

Lisa: Regroup! And start again!

Bob & Gerard: *Line up, and stare down*

Lisa: *Blows whistle*

Bob & Gerard: *Resume preppy girl smacking*

Steph: Lisa? This isn't going anywhere...

Lisa: -_- I know...

Katie: Ray? If I can fix your hair...can I get skittles for life?

Ray: O_O Umm....

Katie: *Holds the chunk of hair over hole*

Ray: OKAY!!!!

Katie: *Glues hair back on*

Ray: *Fluffs Fro* ^_^ It's back! *Hands over skittles*

Lisa: *Blows whistle* Bob...Captain is yours....*Bangs gavel*

Steph: Where'd you get a gavel?

Lisa: Magic...*Tackles Frank into the mud*

Frank: O_O

Alicia: *Hides in the bus*

Steph: Alicia! Wait for me!! *Runs after Alicia* NO IT'S LOCKED!!!!!!

Gerard: Oh Steph.........*Walking towards Steph*


Gerard: *Grabs Steph...Throws her in mud pit.

Ray: *Tackles Katie into pit*

Mikey: *Looks at Bob*

Bob: Don't even...

Mikey: Hey I don't mess with guys who have dildos in their bunks...

Bob: IT"S NOT MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Falls to knees, arms in the air, Rain starts to fall*

Lisa: It's raining!!!

Everyone: *Dances and cleans up in the pouring rain.*

Announcer voice: Will the rain ever stop? Will Katie enjoy her new supply of skittles? *Announcer guy looks at camera* Will someone get me out of here away from these psychos? *Sigh* Tune in next time....