Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

when Steph's tired...she's hyper...

And here we observe all of our friends sleeping except...

Steph: *pokes Gerard* Geeeeee
Gerard: Whaaaat? *pulls blanket over head*
Steph: This is Gooooood. I want mufffffins.
Gerard: *sighs* Go bug Katie.
Steph: Okay! *hops out of bunk and stands outside Katie and Ray's* Kaaaaaatie
Katie: Hmmm? Is this God?
Steph: Yeeeeeessssss.
Katie: well, what do you want?
Steph: Muffffffffins.
Katie: I will obey; wait. *pulls back curtain* You're an idiot, go back to bed.
Steph: NO! *runs and jumps on one of the sofas.
Gerard: *sticks head out of bunk and sighs.* She gets like this when she's tired.
Katie: Ooooo
Gerard: She'll fall asleep in 5...
Steph: *jumps from one sofa to the other*
Gerard; 4...
Steph: *pushes random buttons on the TV*
Gerard: 3....
Steph: *runs into the kitchen area and presses buttons on the microwave.*
Gerard: 2....
Steph: *runs around in a circle*
Gerard: 1.
Steph: *falls over dead asleep*
Katie: Wow..that's pretty cool....
Gerard: *gets out of his bunk and picks her up* Not really...she's gonna have a bump on her head in the morning... *puts her back in the bunk and climbs in after her.*
Katie: Oh...ow....*turns to look at Ray* Raaaaay...this is Goooood....