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What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Not The Hair

Credit to this chapter goes to O_OKill-The-PoserO_O who PM'ed me ^_^

Gerard:I'm bored.(sits on couch)

Jennifer:Me too(sits on couch beside him)

*Frank walks in with a really big smile*

Frankie:I'M A RACIST SKITTLE EATER!!!!!!!(runs around screaming like a banchee)

*Lisa walks in*

Lisa:SHUT THE HELL UP FRANK!!!(slaps Frank over on the back of his head)

*Later that night*

*Frank climes out of bed and gets shaving cream*

Lisa:Frank what are you doing?(sits up in her bed)

Frank:I'm going to cut Gerard's hair.

Lisa:What's the shaving cream for?

Frank:You'll see.

*That morning*
*Gerard wakes up and looks in the mirror*


Lisa:Frank RUN!

*Frank runs away*

*Gerard looks in the mirror again after deciding he wouldn't chase Frank. His hair is now short and platinum blonde.*

Gerard:Well, I guess it's time to start a new album called, The Black Parade.