Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Bertie Go Down The Hole!

Katie: So, Why are we still near the black hole?

Steph: Cuz....We have to get rid of Bert!

Katie: but....I like his music

Steph:...but...YOU LOVE ME...Right?

Katie: O_O *smiles and nods*

Steph: goood....He will follow the line of candy

Lisa: why candy?

Steph: Its bert. Anyways He'll follow the candy, and we'll say that he left Gee and we know not where he is

Alicia: and that takes the four of us why?

Steph: For you three to make sure NO ONE but Bert eats the candy

Frank: DID I HEAR CANDY?!?!?!?!

Lisa: Go back to bed

Frank...I want candy...

Bert: OHH MUDD WHOLE!!!!! *runs at the black hole stripping* CANNON BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kepps screaming till it grows too faint to hear*

*5 minutes later*

Gerard: *looking under couch* has anyone seen Bert?

Ray: he ran away on his own Free will Gerard, *pats his back* he might come back some day buddy

Gerard: But....*lip trembles* HE NEEDS TO SIGN THE ANNOLMENT PAPPERS!!!

Katie:...If we say he's dead the marriage is over right?

*every one nodds*

Steph: He fell down the black hole thinking it was a mudd pit

Gerard: Damn, Now who'll sing back up vocals on this catchy new song intitled Mama?

Mikey:....Liza Minnelli?

Frank: HELL YA LIZA MINNELLI! *bounces around*

Lisa:....Did you get in my stash again? you said Bert was gone so I took his mystery Skittles. They where White and had a little E on them and they tasted like the rainbow!

*everyone falls over*

Bob: Frank Thats BAD CANDY!

Alicia: Does your skin feel weird?

Mikey: SHHH! Dont encoruage him

Gerard: Am I still a whore? I really didnt know it was real..

Steph: then no

Ray: am I still a pedo?

Katie: Yes

Ray: why?

Lisa: They where talking about adopting a BABY and your asian fetish kicked in

Katie: Yeah Mr.Pedophile

Alicia: ewwwww.....

Mikey: what?

Bob: Frank found captian.....

Lisa: O_O


Bob: told ya it wasnt mine