Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Who's The Tease Now?

Lisa: *Follows Katie to the store* What are you doing?

Katie: Ray likes Asian women, I'll give him an Asian woman....

Lisa: *Looks at store, sees the Japanese/Chinese type clothing*

Steph: Oh, no. If she does this we won't hear the end of it from their bunk...

Katie: That's the idea.

Lisa: *Sighs and calls to check on Frank after his run in with the "Mystery skittles"*

Store person: Can I help you?

Katie: can you make me look Asian?

Store person: *Smiles* of course.....*Grabs Katie's arm and takes her around the store*

Steph: *Goes to Lisa.* They're weird....*Shakes head.*

Lisa: *Didn't hear Steph, on phone with Frank.* Well, Frank if you like skittles so much, I can see if I can get you some help....yeah they have M&M halloween costumes....oh really?....You did? YAY!!!!.......It's in my size?.......Okay stuck your banana in the what?....Ouch that had to hurt....Gerard did what with that banana???

Steph: *Listening to whole convo* O___O

Lisa: I gotta go, Katie's done with her thing...*Hangs up*

Steph: What did Ger-

Lisa: KATIE!!!!!!! Holy crap!!!!

Katie: Like it?

Lisa: YEAH!!!!!!!

Steph: LISA!!!!!! What did Gerard do with a banana?

Lisa: Ate it...

Katie: Hehe...Ray's gonna really love me now

Alicia: Katie!!!!! Oh my GOD!!!! You look very...Asian...

Katie: Thank you...

*Girls go back to bus*

Katie: RAY!!!! Say hello to Joon-Hee

Ray: O___O

Lisa: *Goes to Frank* Where is it?

Frank: *Holds up red skittle costume*

Lisa: YAY! *Puts it on*

Frank: SKITTLES!!!!!! *Picks up Lisa and runs.*

Bob: *Walks on Bus* I just saw Frank walk by holding a huge red ball....who cares to explain?

Steph: Do you see Lisa?

Bob: *Looks around* No...oh....Oh GOD!!!!!!

Steph: Oh GEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerard: What?

Steph: *Takes Gerard's ring and flushes it* Haha. *Grabs handcuffs* You belong to me. *Cuffs Gerard's wrist to her own*

Alicia: I know those cuffs....Mikey lost the keys to those...

Steph & Gerard: O_O *Glare at Alicia and Mikey*

Mikey: RUN!!!! *Grabs Alicia and runs*

Ray: *From back of the bus* Oh Joon-Hee...Oh JOON-HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Bob, Gerard, Steph: O_O *Run off bus*

Bob: Have fun getting out of the cuffs. *Takes off*

Announcer 4: Will Gerard and Steph get out of the cuffs? *Looks over shoulder* Will Frank enjoy his skittles? *Looks around* Will Ray get over his Asian fetish? *Looks around cautiously*

Alicia: Up here...yoohoo....

Announcer4: *Looks up* O_O Will i live through the next five minutes?

Alicia: *Jumps off top of bus*

Announcer4: *Running around with Alicia on his back* TUUUU-Neeee.....Innnn.....Neeeeeext Tiiiiiiime.....