Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Let's see what Lisa can cough out when she's ill..

Frank: Lisa? *Pokes Lisa who's sleeping face down buried under pillows and blankets*

Lisa: Huhwhussatwhosthere!? *Moves a little...coughs*

Frank: o_O Not feeling well?

Lisa: No....*Sigh*

Katie: Aww Liiiiiiiisa!!! Have a muffin, they always make me feel better...

Lisa: *Throws muffin in garbage*

Katie: O_O *Dives in garbage can after muffin*

Ray: Katie! Let it go...

Bob: *Grabs muffin and eats it* Yumm

Ray: Bob? You're okay?

Bob: *Nod nod*

Mikey: I cured him! He's all better now ^.^

Bob: *Nod Nod*

Frank: Can we all stop partying here. Lisa doesn't feel good.

Steph: Lemme see. *Puts on stethoscope* Hmm........She's on a skittle hangover, with a hint of muffintitis. A nice heathly dose of a banana nut muffin and maybe some hot chocolate will cure that right up.

Lisa: Leave me alone...*Continued grumbling*

Steph: You heard the girl. Leave her be....

*Everyone except Frank and Steph leave*

Steph: She'll be fine.

Frank: Okay....

*Frank and Steph leave, meet up with Ray, Katie, Bob, Mikey, and Gerard outside.*

Steph: Where's Alicia?

Mikey: I dunno. She took off, saying something about evil announcers, and cameras up the butt...

Everyone: O_o

*Someone comes up dressed in a trench coat and sunglasses*

Person: Will Lisa get over her illness? What happened to Alicia? Will all us announcers be safe?

Alicia: I MISSED ONE!!!!!!!! DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Announcer5: OH NO!!!!! TUNE IN NEXT TIME!!!! *Runs*

*Everyone's head turns as Alicia runs by after the announcer.*

Lisa: *Grumbles* Stupid people....hrm....*Falls asleep*