Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Aisian He Man?

Katie: Ray? Ray? RAY!!!!

Ray: What?

Katie: Joon-Hee is here....don't you want to play?

Ray: I'm busy...

Katie: :( Awwwwwwwwww.......*Eats muffin sadly*

Steph: Katie? Ray's playing with dolls.....

Katie: *Mumbles while munching muffin*

Steph: Wha???

Katie: *Mumbles louder*

Steph: Speak up!?

Katie: Muffins!

Steph: O_o *Goes to Ray* need to fix her....she's becoming less...Asian?

Ray: *Ignores Steph* Go He-Man go. Flip the car......*Random noises and plastic crashing*

Steph: ???? Gerard?

Gerard: What?

Steph: Fix him....*Points to Ray*

Bob: *Throws muffin at Ray*

Ray: *Ignores muffin* Die you evil space octopus!!!! Garrrrrrarahhhahdrrrr

Gerard, Bob, Steph: o_O O_o ????????????????

Lisa: Keep it down, I'm trying to sleep!!!

Alicia:Me too...too much announcer killing and stu--*Snore*

Frank & Mikey: -_- lazy beyotches...

Steph: You're lucky Alicia's tired and Lisa's not feelign well. You two would be dead right now...

Frank: Just don't tell her......

Lisa: Note to self: Kill Frank for saying the B-word....

Frank: -_- bionic hearing from a sick woman...

Katie: Ray!!! Fine!!!!!!!! No more skittles......and i'm not putting on my Asian outfit anymore.....Hmph....

Ray: *Random noises* Harrrrrrahhhhgghghhhhhhrrrrrrrr DIE Evil space mutant squid!!!!!!!!!

Gerard: *Grabs scissors and grins*


Ray: *Grabs scissors from Gerard without turning*

Gerard: O_O *Backs away*

Katie: *Throws a rock muffin at Ray* Fine....*Walks off bus with Mikey, Frank, Gerard, Bob, and Steph.*

Steph: Katie....he'll come around. Steal the toys when he's sleeping...

Katie: Duh I was going to do that tonight....

*Person in trench coat comes in*

Person: *Whispers* Will they steal Ray's He-man action figures? Will my disguise keep them from knowing I'm an announcer? Will Ray come around?

*Brick comes flying in from space*

Person: *Thunk* X_X

Ray: *Sexy smile to camera* Tune in next time....*Click*