Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Do What!? On The Where!?

Steph: *Looks over at mopey Bob and hyper Frank* Maybe Katie and I shouldn't have sold out Bob.

Gerard: Who cares? Less people around us.

Steph: So?

Katie: able hex!

Steph: What?

Ray: Katie, don't talk with your mouth full. Didn't you ever learn manners?

Katie: Yope.....*Spits out some muffin crumbs*

Steph: O_o Hrm...messy messy people. *Grabs dirt devil and vacuums crumbs*

Ray: Okay, come on Katie, time for bed, you've done too much today.

Katie: What? I only ate some skittles, some muffins, sold out Bob for a lifetime supply of skittle muffins, drank some mountain dew, ran around over there....

Ray: *Ignores while tucking Katie in*

Katie: ....helped Alicia kill that one announcer, drank some more mountain dew, watched Bob crawl into the luggage bin, laughed when he fell out and tried to do it again...

Ray: Shush...

Katie: ....Played cards with Steph, then moped around when she beat me, ate another muffin, drank a cup of coffee, had MORE mountain dew, went and bought the cool trench coats with Steph, Bought meds for Lisa, took another mountain dew break, and a skittle break


Katie: ......and finally, told Steph to have sex with Gerard on the table...

Steph: Do what? Where!??!!?? O_O

Alicia: Can you guys talk outside? I'm trying to sleep...

Steph: *Walks away*

Ray: Katie, sleep.....Now

Katie: *Snore*

Ray: O_O *To self* I have powers...

Mikey: Me too, Alicia? You don't need sleep...


Ray: Powers? Riiiiight...

Mikey: *Rubs cheek*

Lisa: *Hoarsly* Shut up! Sick person here, and unless you want me to come cough on you...

Ray: *Walks away to Gerard and Steph*.....Why do we hang with these imbeciles?

Steph: I dunno....cause you're in a band with them?

Gerard: Steph? You calling me an imbecile?

Steph: Not you! He's one of them though. *Points to Frank*

Gerard, Ray, and Bob: *Agree*

Gerard: Ray? Go keep an eye on them...Steph and I gotta do something...

Ray: As long as it's not on the table...*Glare*

Steph: *Giggles*

Ray: *Sighs and walks away to Bob and Frank*

Frank: Come on, let's play tag. *Pokes Bob* You're it!......

Bob: .......

Frank: *Pokes again* You're it!

Bob: ........

Frank: *Pokes again.* You're it!

Bob: .......

*Goes on for ten minutes*

Frank: *Pokes Ray* You're it!

Ray: .........

Gerard: We really gotta cut of Frank's sugar supply...

Steph: I'll talk to Lisa when she's better. Now, what did we have to do?

Gerard: Well...we need a table, let's go! ~~

Steph: ~~ *Runs off bus and towards motel*

Gerard: *Runs after*

Random: *Walks up, eyes shifting left to right* Is it safe? Yeah? Okay...will Gerard and Steph have table sex? Will Lisa get better? Will Frank calm down?

Alicia: *Glare* I already slapped my husband! Don't make me slap you! And I'm already crabby!!!

Announcer: *Runs*

Alicia: *Goes back to bed*

Announcer: Tune in next time......*Dives into bush*