Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Short People and Poopie...What???

Frank: Lisa? Feeling better?

Lisa: Yep...kinda.....*Watching Katie chase laser* I remember doing that to my cats...

Frank: Hehe....okay I'm bored

Lisa: me too...carry on Bob....*Pats Bob's back*



Lisa: What???

Alicia: *Points to black hole* His He-Man action figures 'accidentally' fell in the hole.

Ray: *Sniff* Alicia? Why'd you do that?

Alicia: You need to pay more attention to Katie!!! Otherwise she's gonna go to Bob. She's in there chasing a red dot on the wall!

Ray: *sulks off inside*

Mikey: You did the right thing, Alicia

Alicia: I know...

Lisa: Where's Gerard and Steph?

Mikey: You don't want to know....

Alicia: something about the hotel room and a table...

Mikey: -_- *Shudders*

Lisa: I'm bored...

Frank: skittlesssssssssssssss

Alicia: *Grabs bag of skittles and holds them up in the air*

Frank: *Jumps for skittles*

Mikey: *To Lisa* He's weird...*Looks* Lisa?

Lisa: *Jumping for skittles*

Alicia: I'm so mean to short people....



Alicia, Mikey, Frank: *Look towards bus* O_O

Lisa: *Jumps* YOINK *Grabs skittles and runs*

Alicia: O_O Hey!

Frank: *Runs after Lisa*

Alicia: They're eating skittles.....I'm gone. *Goes to hotel and checks out a room*

Mikey: *Follows*

Bob: *Runs off bus* Where is everyone???

Random: *Walks in quietly* Where did everyone go? Can I do this alive?

Alicia: *Hanging over balcony* I"LL GET YOU!!!!!!!!

Mikey: Let it go...

Bob: *Jumps on random*

Alicia: GO BOB GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Lisa and Frank happily eating skittles in the woods somewhere*

*Ray and Katie.......doing "crafts" on the bus*

*Gerard and Steph doing God knows what*

*Bob sitting outside all alone*

*Mikey and Alicia sitting on their balcony*

Random number two: You can call me "Number Two".....What are these maniacs gonna do now?

Bob: Go away shithead...

Random number two: I said call me "Number Two"

Bob: I did...

Random Number Two: -_-