Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Bob's insane new girl...

Bob: I'm bored.

*Random flames come out of nowhere and a creepy person in a black suit rolls out of the flames James-Bond style*

Everyone: Wtf?

Bob: And suddenly, I'm not bored.

Figure: I bring skittles.

Frank: SKITTLES! *chases after figure*

Figure: *holds back Frank with one hand and pulls black Ski mask off with the other hand*

Bob: Didn't I meet you in a hotel bar somewhere?

Lynn (The figure): Yeah. I got bored at home and decided to stalk you.

Bob: O____o

Lisa: You like it.

Lynn: *clings to Bob* I never did say goodbye after that massive barfight started...

Bob: Uh, goodbye.


Bob: Uhhh....

Lynn: No skittles for Bob. *parades around tossing skittles in the air for everyone*

Bob: T~T

Ray: Uhh....who are you, exactly?

Lynn: The world may never know....

Alicia: You like Bob?

Lynn: Yup.

Kate: You realize he had a fake penis in his bunk, right?


Lynn: I've dated guys with weirder stories.

Kate & Alicia: O_o

Gerard: Do we even want to know?

Lynn: Probably not. *gives Bob a skittle* I brought you a present.

Bob: =D *tears open present* DRUMSTICKS!

Lynn: *grins and makes herself at home*

Announcer: *whispers* What will everyone think of the stalker? Will she fit in with the rest of the chaotic band? Will she ever tell anyone the creepy stories of her past boyfriends? How will Bob react? And most importantly...does she hate announcers? Tune in next time!

Lynn: Who's the freak in the trenchcoat asking himself questions?

Alicia: That's my personal punching bag.

Lynn: Sounds like fun!

Announcer: *gulps*