Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

What To And Not To Do

Katie: ohhhh new girl *pokes Lynn*

Lynn: *pokes back*

Katie: Im Katie, will you be my friend????

Lynn: is that safe?" *looks at everyone who nodds but is wide eyed

Ray: Just dont take the skittles

Bob: Yarn balls and Laser pointers are a good distraction

Lisa: And muffins if shes in a good mood

Katie: MUFFINS!!!!!

Frank:...wait muffins or muffin

Lisa: O_O they dont know about muffin this like Starbuck?

Mikey: and Uni???

Lynn: Muffin?..... Starbuck?.... Uni???

Bob: Like Captian...only real

Lynn:....those are....odd names

Ray: you get accustomed to it *holds out hand and stops flying muffin*

Katie: CURSE YOU RAY!!!!

Steph:.....katie? Do you miss the shiney?

Katie: *nodds pouting*

Alicia: *sighs and starts messing with the laser pointer*

Katie *odd hyper giggles*

Lynn: she sounds like a grimlin...

Gerard: we think shes part cat

Mikey: Yeah, we had to change busses cuz of one of her skittle withdrawls

Bob: *gets a far away look*......drumsticks

Lynn: None of that now! *tosses skittle at bobs head*

Alicia: yeah....*looks around sniffing* I KNOW YOUR HERE!!

*Every one but Katie watches as annocer falls our of the vent*

Announcer: ummm hi? *yells and runs away from Alicia*

Alicia: GET BACK HERE! *chucks Laser Pointer at Announcer*

Katie: RAWR!!! SHINNEY!!!! *Helps Alicia get rid of the Announcer*

Lynn: Note to self; do not take "shiney" either