Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Real Mafia Work....

Gerard: Frank? There's a group of girls outside asking for you.

Lisa: That would be the Muffin Mafia. I'm their leader, and I promised them a day with Frank. FRANK!!!!!???????? READY!!!???

Frank: *Comes out* Yep....

Lisa: Bye guys, we're off to kill some teenies!!!

Everyone: Bye?

Gerard: Steph? You're going too?

Steph: I'm part of the mafia...

Gerard: *Disappointedly* Oh.

Lisa: Steph, if you want to stay, I'll kill teenies for you.

Steph: Umm........

Random: What will Steph do?? Go with the muffin mafia, or stay with Gerard!???

Alicia: *Glare* I propose my own mafia. The Simmons/Way Mafia To Rid The World of Announcer people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikey: O_O *Hugs Alicia* I love this girl!!!!!

Lisa: Alicia is the leader of The Announcer-Killer Mafia!!

Alicia: *nod nod*

Lisa: MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Steph, Lisa, Frank, Alicia, Mikey, and Muffin Mafia march away in search of announcer and teenies*

Gerard: Well, that was weird....

Katie: Yep...

Gerard: *Screams* Where'd you come from?!

Katie: I'm a ninja, remember??

Ray: Oh Tink!!!! Get over here!!!!

Gerard: Tink?

Katie: Only Ray is allowed to call me that, you do it, and die. *Glare*

Gerard: Okay okay.....

*Katie runs to Ray*

Gerard: I'm lonely.....*Goes to find Bob and Lynn* Bob? Lynn?

*Gerard is appalled by what he sees*

Gerard: I'm scarred for life!!!!!!!!! *Runs away*

*Matt Good walks in*

Matt: Super Matt is in the hizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerard: YAY A playmate!!!!! Gar I'm so bored.....

Matt: Well? Umm....Got any fun games on the bus? *Runs to bus*

Gerard: Matt I wo-

Matt: *From inside bus* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Falls out of bus*

Gerard: I tried to warn you...

Matt: *Rocking back and forth* The carnage, the sexcapades. The EVIL!!!!!

Gerard: X_X *Gives Matt skittles*

Matt: ^_^

Lisa: *Jumps Matt* SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt: O_O X_X *Falls*

Lisa: *Straddles Matt* Gimme!

Matt: Umm...get her off!?

Gerard: Lisa?

Lisa: Skittle radar....XD

Gerard: Matt? Just give her the skittles....

Matt: No. Mine!

Lisa: *Glare*

Matt: She forgets, I'm a foot taller than her. *Pushes Lisa off, and stands up.* See? *Holds skittles above his head*

Lisa: GRRRR *Jumping* Curse my midgetness.....*Gives up*

Matt: *Eats skittle happily*

Lisa: *Reappears with a bat, running after Matt* GARRRRR GIMME!!!!

Matt: O_O

Announcer: What will happen to Matt? Why is he even here? This makes no sense anymore!!!! Will Lisa get her ski-*bang*

Gerard: Nice shot Alicia........

Alicia: *Blows on barrel of .45* Yep......