Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Hunting Lisa and Starbucks Muffins....

Frank: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisa Where are you!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: *Hiding in random suitcase* I'm not here......sshhhh

Frank: Gerard? Have you seen Lisa?

Gerard: Nope

*Frank asks others...same reply*

Frank: *Shifty eyes* ....hehehe....*Tiptoes around*

Ray: what the hell are you doing?

Frank: Shhhh be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting for Lisa......*giggle*

Everyone: -_-

Lisa: *Sneaks out of suitcase and joins the group* What'd I miss?

Katie: Frank's tiptoing around like an idiot looking for yo- Lisa?

Lisa: Yep...don't tell him I'm here.....

Katie: Umm...okay.....

Frank: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisa!!!!!!!?/?????? Where'd you go!!!!?????

**hour later**

Frank: I give up. *goes back to others* I can't find her...

Lisa: that's too bad. I'm sure she misses you...

Frank: Yeah-What? LISA!!!!!!

Lisa: I've been here the whole time.

Frank: *Blush* And I've been tramping around like an idiot

Lisa:: *Nods*


Steph: What the hell???

*Everyone runs outside, and sees Alica on top of the bus with a sniper*

Alicia: Stay away from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikey: Alicia? what's going on???

Alicia: Announcers......they're like flies......

Everyone: Chatters of agreement...

Mikey: Fly Swatter Mafia...

Gerard: Hey Lisa! What happened to Matt? Last I saw you were chasing him with a bat.

Lisa: O_O Umm...*Runs to luggage bin of the bus* Eh-heh....*Opens it and reveals Matt Good tied up and gagged* Sorry Matt...*Unties him and sets him free*

Matt: O_O Stay away from me....*Hides behind Gerard*

Lisa: :( I'm sorry Matt. *Goes to hug him*

Matt: *Backs away, hides behind Ray* Nooo...stay away....

Lisa: *Sulks and walks away* Fine.....*Sniffle*

Frank: MATT GOOD You made her feel bad!!!!!!! *Runs after Lisa* Lisa?

Lisa: *Is actually giggling*

Frank: O_O

Lisa: *drags off Frank*

Steph: Well....she's gonna get a visit of Muffin tonight......

Gerard: I know someone that Starbuck wants to see

Katie: I'm never EVER going to Starbucks again......

Matt: O_O Katie? Do you want a muffin from Starbucks???

Katie: AHHHHHH *Curls up on ground*

Ray: MATT!!!!!!!!

Matt: I couldn't resist.

Bob: *Glares* You giving my friends shit???? Cause the Bob Brigade and I don't take kindly to shit....

Matt: Sorry.....*Sulks and walks away*

Lynn: Nice work Bob...*Pats on back*

Bob: Yeah, I rule....


Everyone: O_O

Alicia: *Jumps off bus* Oh God.........*Runs*

Mikey: *Runs after*

Everyone: *Gets hotel rooms for the night*

*Someone sneaks in*

Someone: Who is Muffin? And what is he doing? Tune in nex-*Bang*

Alicia: Bang Bang guns go bang....

Matt: WooooO

Alicia: *Claps dust off hands*