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What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Skittles, and Muffins, and Randomness, OH MY!!

PMed to me by my INO daughter: OldPeopleLikeFritos

Gerard: *Walks onto bus with Steph*


Gerard: WHAT??!!*looks up*

Steph: IT'S MY SISTER!!*tackles sister*

Gerard: Um....*feels tingling in pants* STARBUCK! Not Now!...What? Uh....SKITTLES!!!*runs away screaming and flailing his arms around*

Sister: It's so nice to see you, Steph!!!

*Frank and Lisa walk on bus*

Lisa: A GIANT MUFFIN!! *knaws on Steph's Sister*

Sister: Umm....*gently pushes Lisa off* Wtf?

Frank: Um, sorry about her, shes on sugar high. So what's your name?

Sister: I'm Eve, but you can call me Fritos.


Steph: FRANK, GET OFF MY SISTER!!!*pushes Frank off as Fritos falls on floor*

Fritos: Is he like that everyday?*panting from running around*

Steph: Unfortunately...

*Gerard walks back on bus*

Gerard: What are you doing??*stare's at Steph who is standing next to her sister, who is lying on thje ground panting and Lisa is knawing on Frank while Frank is poking Steph*

Steph: *looks up* Oh uh, This is my sister Eve.

Fritos: *gets up* You can call me Fritos.

Gerard; O_O Okay...

Alicia, Mikey, Bob, Lynn, Ray, and Katie: *walk on bus* A GIANT MUFFIN!!! *try to knaw on Fritos, but Gerard holds them back*

Fritos:*hides behind Steph*

Steph: This is my sister Eve, but you can call her Fritos. Do not knaw on her she is NOT a giant muffin.

Everyone, except Frank, Lisa, Gerard and Steph: AW, MAN!!!*walk over to meet her*

Fritos: AHH!!! *hides behind Steph*

Steph: Don't worry they won't eat you....

Lisa: *realizes* HEY, FRITOS! YOUR THE CO-FOUNDER OF THE MUFFIN MAFIA!!!! We're have you been??

Fritos: I was busy with personal issues...

Lisa and Fritos: *huggles*

Fritos: *Grabs bag of Skittles from back pocket* Here you go!*hands to Lisa* Share them!


Alicia: So, why are you here?

Fritos: My mum kicked me I've come to live with you all...

Steph: But, where will you sleep?

Fritos: ON THE COUCH!!!

Everyone:O_O Okay..

Person: Why is Fritos so hyper? Where did she come frome? Will-*bang*

Fritos: Bangity bang, Gun go bangity bang...

Alicia; Nice shot!

Fritos: Thankies!