Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...


Phillipe: Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip etc.....

Lisa: Katie! SHUT THAT DOG UP!!! Soem of us are trying to sleep.

Frank: *Pulls out ear plugs* What'd you say?

Steph: She said you don't get sex tonight.

Frank: O_O NOOOOOOOOOOOOO..............etc..............

Lisa: STEPH!!! I didn't say that!

Frank: *Lip quivers* No sex?

Lisa: Later. Right now it's...get that damn dog to shut up.

Phillipe: *Barking*

Ray: I got it....*Picks up Phillipe and carries him to the hole*

Katie: *Appears at the hole* What do you think you're doing?

Ray: I was jsut gonna sit here holding him....

Katie: *Holds he-man action figurse over hole*

Ray: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Okay here! *Hands Phillipe to Katie, and he stops barking*

Lynn: Katie, can we glue the dog to your arm?

Katie: No....that's animal cruelty and that's baaaaaaaaaad

Steph: *Grabs superglue* We're doing it anyways

Gerard: Steph! Shhhh *Grabs superglue from Steph*

Steph: Gerard that was open....

Gerard: *Shakes hand with tube glued to it* O___O Steph!? That was not funny.

Steph: Who's laughing?

Lisa, Katie, Lynn, Alicia, Mikey, Frank, Bob, Ray: *Rolling around laughing*

Gerard: They are. -_- *Goes to bathroom*

Steph: *Joins the laughing*

Gerard: LAUGH IT UP!

Frank: *Shakes head and walks away, crinkling sounds heard*

Lisa: *Jumps on Frank* Hand over the skittles.

Frank: They're not skittles. Twizzlers.

Lisa: O_O *Grabs twizzler bag and runs*

Frank: Special twizzlers I was gonna feed to the ducks, because someone tainted them with laxatives.....

Katie: Frank? That wasn't nice.

Frank: I didn't do anything.

Alicia: You guys...*Sigh* I'm going to bed. *Goes to bunk*

Mikey: Wait to see Lisa run in for the bathroom? Or follow Alicia? *Contemplates*

Alicia: *Drags Mikey with*

Katie: *Pets phillipe and sits on the couch*

Ray: Katie? How do you keep that dog quiet? *Sits on couch*

Phillipe: *Growl growl*

Ray: O_O that dog only likes you...

Steph: No...*Pets Phillipe* He likes us smart girls....

Lynn: *Pets Phillipe* Yep....

Bob: Dogs are evil......we all know cats rule....

Lynn: Keep dreaming Bobbert

Bob: more for you tonight or the rest of our lives

Lynn: O_O I was kidding! CATS RULE!!!!!!!!!

Bob: ^_^

Lynn: *Drags Bob off*

Lisa: *Runs by* CURSE THE EVIL TWIZZLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerard: *Stumbles out of hall* What the hell is wrong with Lisa?

Steph: Frank tried to poison her with laxatives.

Frank: DID NOT!!!!!

Steph: DID TOO!!!!

Frank: NUH-UHH

Steph: YUH-HUH!!!!

Frank: *Throws pillow at Steph and runs away*

Steph: ELF BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank: *Sniffle* Leave me alone...........*Sits by hole* No one loves me....they all make fun of me....evil people....and now Lisa can't help me cause she's glued to the toilet....

Lisa: *Sigh* I'm never eating twizzlers again-OMG Twizzlers! *Grabs bag from Frank's hoodie pocket.

*Random in drag walks up*
Random: Are those twizzlers safe to eat? Will Phillipe ever come to love the guys? Where did Bob and Lynn go?


Lynn: We went to the petstore. Look! KITTIE

Random: YOU MISSED!!!!!


Lisa: I didn't...Oopsie.....mwahahaahhahaaha