Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Sugar Withdrawl Is Crazy Business.

Gerard: I'm tired.

Everyone else: *Agrees*

Gerard: I need sugar.

Everyone else: *Agrees*

Steph: But we made that bet we could go two days with no sugar in the form of candy. Right?

Everyone: *Nods*

Lisa: It's only been two hours, I don't think we're gonna make it. Katie's already hallucinating.

Katie: Ray? Stay still, you have a pack of skittles on your head.

Ray: No I don't.

Katie: *Pounces*

Ray: O_O >.<

Frank: Lisa?

Lisa: What?

Frank: There's something on your back. I see...a...

Mikey: MILKY WAY!!!! *Pounces on Lisa*


Alicia: You guys are weird. I'm perfectly fine. Even that talking Baby Ruth agrees with me.

Everyone: *Looks at Alicia* o_O O_o

Lynn: I see the floating three musketeers bar!! *Staring at the ceiling*

Bob: That propost-*Looks up* Whoa.....*Blinking*

Kittie Who'syettobenamed: *Meow*

Phillipe: *Ruff ruff*

Steph: Even the animals are nuts.

Gerard: We need to do something to get our minds off the sugar.

Bob: GUITAR HERO!!!!! *Grabs Guitar controller*

Lisa: *Jumps up and grabs other controller* YAY. I call the first song!! "Killing In The Name"

*During the song*

Frank: Damn those things look like skittles. *Stares at TV*

Everyone except Bob & Lisa: Whoa....*Stares*

Lisa: *Turns off game* Well, we can't play Guitar Hero...what are we gonna do?

Alicia: Teenie hunting!!!!

Everyone: YAY!!!!!!!! *Grabs weapons and head out*

Ray: Whoa, my bullets look like Rasinettes....*Drools*

Katie: Ray? You're just dillusional-whoa. *Stares, drools*

Lisa: Okay...we need to do something to keep us busy where it doesn't contain anything that reminds us of candy....

Steph: But what?

Everyone: *Shrug*

...........: What will they do to keep busy? Will they make it the two days with no sugar? Will they......who the hell's biting my arm?


Announcer: *Cries out as he's eaten*

Everyone: Sitting on bus.

Lisa: We're nice and full. Who wants candy now?

Everyone: *Shakes head, groans*