Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Mail Order bides?...Pants?.....Blow darts? What th

Katie: *walks by Rays bunk and sees a magazine sticking out* RAY! WHAT IS THIS?!

Ray: O_O I can Explain

Katie: Explain quickly

Ray: Its not like I was gonna call or anything…but look at them!

Katie: *is not impressed* You’re the devil

Gerard: Have you seen Lisa or Frank? Has Step got out of the hole yet?

Bob: *whistles innocently*

Gerard: *glares at bob*


Ray…its Mikey’s?

Alicia: Oh no its not!

Katie: *grabs a big thing of rope*

Ray:…Help me….

*Every one watches on entertained*

Katie: *walks past and out to hole* YOU GUYS DOWN THERE?!?!


Steph: MINE!

Katie: *lowers rope jus out of Bert’s reach*

Bert: *jumping for rope*

Steph:….GET HIM SOME PANTS!!!! *sees skittles move and Lisa and frank dive out like dolphins then back in*…GET ME OUT! I’LL BE GOOD I’LL BE GOOD!

Random: Will Ray be saved from his shame? Will bert get pant? Wil- *falls over twitching*

Alicia: *shifty eyes and hides blow dart gun*…What are you looking at?

Camera guy: *looks from announcer to Alicia and back……Drops camera and runs*

Alicia: *Laughs evilly as Mikey hugs her*

Mikey: That’s my girl!