Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Who's passionate? Pfft

Lisa: *Staring at TV* WHAT THE FUCK THAT WASN'T NO FUCKING STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: What's wrong with her?

Frank: She's watching baseball. *Looks over at Lisa*


Steph: She really gets into it.

Frank: That's nothing, you should watch her play video games. No wait, I think football is worse.

Lisa: So if Lee hits this homerunt The Cubs will be winning

Katie: Lisa!? Who are you talking to?

Lisa: The TV

Katie & Steph: *facepalm*

Frank: You get used to it.


Frank: Just let her be until the game ends or she gets bored.

*Katie, Steph, Frank leave the back of the bus*

Steph: Who invited those guys? *Points to FFTL & Ricky Terror*

Ricky: 'Those guys?' Pfft.....

Lisa: *Tackles Ricky*

Ricky: O_____O

Frank: Lisa!?

Lisa: *Huggles Ricky*

Frank: Lisa!? Hello! Boyfriend back here.

Lisa: I have two.

Ray: *From inside bus* WHAT THE FUCK WHY WON'T YOU FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: O___O *Runs to bus* RAY NO KILLING BOB!!!!!!!!!!

Bob: *Walks out of the gas station* What's going on? I heard my name.

Steph: *Looks at Bob, then the bus, then at Bob.* What the hell? I'm out of here. GERARD!! HOTELROOM!!!!

Gerard: *Calls from hotel room balcony* I'm already here!

Steph: ^.^ *Runs*

Ricky: SOmeone get this girl off me?

Lisa: *Huggles Ricky* My Ricky!!!

Frank: *Shakes head*

Matt, Derek, Travis, Mannig: *Back away slowly*

Ricky: TRAITORS!!!!!!!!

Lisa: :D Baseball, Frank, and Ricky Terror, what more could I ask for?

Frank: I'm gonna go see what Ray was yelling about....

Ricky: Don't leave me alone with her!!!

Frank: *Disappears to bus*

FFTL: *Disappears to their bus*

Ricky: *Gulps* Umm...

Lisa: *Grins* Time for fun.....*Drags Ricky off to the woods*

Ricky: O__O

Mikey: Where is everyone?

Alicia: Dunno.

Bob: *Sneaks up behind M & A* BOO

Mikey: *Girlish scream*

Alicia: *Rolls eyes*

Ray: *Being dragged out of the bus* I told you, I get passionate while playing video games!!!

Katie: We thought Bob was gonna die, Mister. You're bad. You're getting punished. *Pushes into hole*



*Inside the FFTL bus*

Announcer: What will Lisa do to Ricky? Will Ray get out of the Hole?

Alicia: *From outside* I HEAR AN ANNOUNCER!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: O.O *WHispers* What will happen to Frank due to Lisa's newfound love for Ricky?

Matt: Who the fuck is this guy?

Travis: *Shrugs* Let's kill him

Announcer: *Runs off bus screaming*

Alicia: I KNEW IT!

Announcer: *Screams and runs...falls in the hole*

Bert: *Grins at announcer*

Ray: *Hiding under skittles*

Announcer: AM I GONNA BE OKAY!!!!????

~~~~~~~Blackness and rustling noises, screaming