Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Who's Giggly? Not me. nooooo

Lisa: *Giggle giggle giggle*

Steph: What the hell crawled up her ass?

Frank: *Shrug* No idea.

Lisa: *giggle giggle giggle*

Steph: *Backs away slowly* I'm mildly disturbed.

Gerard: What about you when you drank that vitamin water, or that vault?

Steph: *Grins* Me? Giggle? Noooooooo

Gerard: *Rolls eyes* Whatever dudette.

Steph: Okay fine. *Walks away*

Lisa: *Giggle, giggle. Falls on floor giggling*

Frank: Lisa? Easy. Settle down.

Katie: What the hell is wrong with her?

Frank: I dunno!

Ray: Katie, just ignore her, cause you do it too.

Lisa: *Giggle giggle giggle* These chips are good.

Frank: 'Peach Mango fruit crisps'? And they make you giggle how?

Lisa: *Giggle*

Steph: *Rejoins, giggling*

Gerard: o.O Uhhohh *Picks up empty Vault bottle*

Frank: Let's leave them be.

Alicia: My god are they nuts!?

Frank & Gerard: Yes.

Lisa & Steph: *Giggle giggle, roll, giggle, thud, giggle*

*Alicia, Frank, Gerard, Katie, Ray exit the bus*

Bob: Why are we all out here?

Gerard: I wouldn't go in there. Lisa and Steph are high on weird fruit chips and vault.

Bob: Oh this I gotta see. *Jumps on bus*

Frank: He's gone forever....err until it wears off.

Announcer: Oh I wanna see *Sneaks towards bus, peeks in* Will Lisa and Steph get over their weird high?

Alicia: *Taps announcer on shoulder* Ah-hem.

Announcer: *Looks at Alicia* O.O Oh no. Will I live? Wait!!!!!!! What happened to Bob!? Nooo don't kill me *Runs*

Alicia: *Giggle*

Mikey: Oh no.

Alicia: What?

Mikey: I thought you were gonna join Lisa and Steph.

Alicia: Nah, it's their evil twins Asil and Hpets. Aicila has yet to come out.

Mikey: Good ^.^

Alicia: *Nod nod*

Gerard: You guys are nuts. *Walks away with Frank, Ray, and Katie*

Announcer: *Giggle* I escaped! Will things ever return to normal?