Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...


Random: -muffled screaming-

Gerard: You know what, I don't wanna know anymore.

Mikey/Alicia/Katie/Frank: -nod-

Random: -still screaming-

Mikey: That's starting to get annoying.

Frank: And I miss being able to go on the bus.

Everyone: -nod-

Alicia: Okay, heads we investigate the screaming, tails we kick Steph & Lisa outside to finish their Vault high.

Mikey: I love smart women.

Alicia: -flips coin-

Gerard: It's heads.

Katie: We could use Phillipe to track down the screams...

Phillipe: Ruff

------------------------------------On the bus-------------------------------

Steph: -eats chips-

Lisa: It's so nice having a maid serve us our Vault. -rings bell- BOBALINA!

Bob: -walks out of a kitchen in a maids' dress- Curiousity didn't kill the stripped it of all dignity and made it wear a maids dress.

Steph and Lisa: -grin- More Vault Bobalina, if you please.

Lisa: Or we'll put you in the hole with Bert and what remains of Ray.

Bob: -cringe- Yes Ma'am. -runs off to get Vault-

------------------------------Back outside-------------------------------------

Mikey: The screams are coming from inside this large black coffin....

Random Cat on top of coffin: Mrow.

Gerard: That looks an awful lot like Bob and Lynn's cat.

Frank: -shoo's cat away and opens coffin-

Everyone: OM EFFING GEE!

Lynn: -muffled screaming-

Alicia: O_O -takes tape off of Lynn's mouth- What happened?

Lynn: Well, I was doing this experiment, and I was trying to clone Phillipe, because I was bored because Bob was in mourning over the fourth month of losing his drumsticks...turns out it wasn't Phillipe's DNA.

Gerard: Who's was it?

Lynn: .......

Mikey: Oh no......

Lynn: IM SORRY! I made an army of..... BERT MCKRACKENS!

Gerard: I'm DOOMED!!!!!


Everyone: -starts running away towards the bus-

Lynn: AHEM.

Frank: Oh, right. -helps Lynn take off the binds-

Lynn: -scoops up nameless kitty-The Bert clones have set up a city in the hole. They superglued skittles together to make a city they call McKrackenville. They've also got a giant naked skittle statue of Gerard. I watched eerything from the skittle prison they put me in. I would've eaten my way out, but the skittles were green... And poor, poor Ray.....

Mikey: What happened to him?

Lynn: you really want an answer to that?

Everyone: -shakes head-

Announcer: Will they defeat the army of Bert clones? TUNE IN NEXT TIME!

Alicia: Normally I would kill you, but I'm too busy thinking of ways to kill Bert.