Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

To save Ray, or not to save Ray?

*In the hole*

Ray: Bert? Please let me go?

Bert: No. Not unless you get Gerard down here.

Ray: Could you at least get rid of the statue, it's disturbing me greatly.



Bert: Shut up....Now, to send my clones to do my evil bidding. CLONES AWAY!!!!!!!!!

*Bert clones start to rush the exit to the hole*

~Outside the hole~

Bob: *Runs off bus, stripping off maid costume to normal clothes* AHHH *Falls*

Gerard: O.O Bob?

Bob: The sugar finally overloaded and they fell asleep.

Lynn: BOBBERT!!!! *Tackles*

Bob: AHHH. Oh wait...*Hugs*

Gerard: Okay, now we gotta hide the Vault.

Mikey: I wouldn't do that, remember when we tried to hide the skittles from Katie? She went insane.

Gerard: Well we won't let them have it in bulk. *Heads for bus*

Frank: *Follows* I'm still afraid to go on there.

~On the bus~

Gerard: It's safe, they're out cold.

Steph & Lisa: *Snore snore*

Frank: *Peeks* cute....*Covers with blankets*

Gerard: O.o You're weird.

Steph & Lisa: *Snore snore*

*Scream from outside*

Gerard: That's not good. *Runs*

~Back outside~

Katie: THE BERT CLONES THEY'RE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia: *Grabs shotgun* Okay...let's go...*Looks at others standing there* GUYS!!!! Come on!

Katie: You guys distract them, And I'm gonna go save Ray.

*Frank, Gerard, Bob, Mikey, Lynn all pick up shotguns*

Gerard: They're only clones guys, remember.

Bert: But I'm not. Gerard, You come with me now!

Gerard: No *Shoots*

Bert: You missed! *Dives back into hole* YOU DON'T GET RAY UNTIL YOU COME WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!

*Hours of bloodshed and dead Bert clones later*

*Frank, Gee, Bob, Mikey, Lynn, & Alicia sitting, panting, spattered in blood*

Alicia: I hope Katie's okay.

~In the hole~

Katie: RAY!!! Where you at!?

Ray: Katie!!! Psst, over here!

Katie: *Looks at Ray in the skittle prison* Dude, you could eat your way out.

Ray: But they're green! *WHines*

Katie: YAY FOR GREEN!!!!! *Eats a hole in the skittle prison* Okay let's go.

Bert: Not so fast!

Ray: RUN KATIE!!!!! I'll handle it.

Fro: No I will!

Ray: WTF?

Katie: WTF? *Backs away*

Fro: DOWN WITH BERT!!!!! *Magically expands and smothers Bert*

Bert: *Muffled cries of agony.....silence*

Fro: Pleasure doing business with you, now let's get out of this hole. C'mon Katie.

Katie: *Feels forehead* Whoa....

~Outside the hole~

Alicia: Guys? There's a giant tumbleweed growing out of the hole....AND IT HAS KATIE AND RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fro: I have saved the world.

Ray: Thanks fro. *Pets*

Katie: *Feels forehead* I'm going insane I think...

Fro: *Taps Katie* Nope...

Katie: *Faints*

Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Bob: *Cement up the hole* RIP hole of skittles.

Steph & Lisa: *Walk off bus* What'd we miss?

Announcer: What did Steph & Lisa miss? Will they ever find out? Why am I sinking?

Alicia: Oh the joys of wet cement in a deep hole....