Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Slinkys, Sammiches, and Duct Tape?

Lisa: *Sigh* This is boring!!!!

Frank: Huh?

Lisa: No one wants to play!

Frank: Where is everyone?

Lisa: Damned if I know. Last I saw, Katie was off playing with a slinky, and Steph was mumbling to Gerard, and the term Duct Tape was thrown out there. Mikey and Alicia were going somewhere, and I saw Bob sneaking off after Ray with scissors.

Frank: Hmph. Okay? Walk?

Lisa: Sure.

Katie: *sitting next to a big staircase watching the slinky* EVERYONE LOVES A SLINKY GO SLINKY GO!!!

Ray: SHe's been playing with that thing all day....

Lisa: I'm sure of it.

Ray: *Walks towards the stairs up to Katie.* Come on Katie, naptime.

Katie: NOOOO *Shoves Ray and he falls down the stairs*

Frank & Lisa: O___O

Katie: *Squeals* YAY!!! *Looks to Lisa and Frank* See? Slinkys are like people! Fun to watch fall downstairs.

Frank: Ray?

Ray: I'm fine. *Gets up and dusts self off*

*A new bus pulls up*

Lisa: who's on that bus?

William: What's up everyone!?

Katie: O___O

Lisa: Oh no. BECKETT RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: *Tackles William and ties him to a chair*

Lisa: He's doomed. Frank, Ray? let's go.

William: GUYS? HELP!

Katie: *Giggles* You're too skinny! *Picks up a sandwhich* Sammich?


Frank: Shouldn't we help him?

Lisa: Meh kid needs meet on his bones.

*Both walk into the bus*

Frank: What the hell happened here?

Lisa: *Looks* Oh no......Steph! I TOLD YOU THE EROTIC DUCT TAPE WAS JUST BETWEEN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph: I couldn't help it!! And Gerard's such a good artist.

Lisa: *Facepalm*

Gerard: I've never been so traumatized in my entire life. I'm never mentioning private parts again.

Steph: *Rolls eyes* Just wait till tonight.

Announcer: Well what happened to the bus? ANd what's with this Erotic Duct Tape? And what about William Beckett.

Alicia: *Feeds announcer to William Beckett*

Mikey: O.o

Alicia: Kid needs meat on his bones. I rule!

Lisa: *Pat's Alicia's back* And that's why we love ya.

Alicia: *Stands there triumphantly*