Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Open Your Eyes: We're Still Alive!

Gerard: You know, that last one was sixty-nine. And you didn't say anything about it Steph.

Steph: Shut up! Or you get no sixty-nine while we're in bed!

Everyone: *Gigglesnort*

Announcer: So with this possible new wave of Hyper. What will happen? Will new people come into it?

Alicia: HEY! It's not over yet!!!!!! *Glare*

Announcer: I was just saying...

Alicia: Don't you dare. Or I will attack you.

Announcer: *Slinks away off bus*

Katie: *From outside* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa & Steph: *Run outside*

Steph: What happened?

Katie: Bill fell in a hole.

Steph: *Looks at the skittle pit*

Katie: Not there.......There. *Points at sidewalk crack*

Lisa: *Shocked glance* BILLY!!!!! *Looks in crack* BILL YOU IN THERE!?

Katie: he fell in the hole of doom. *Cries*

Lisa & STeph: *Cry with Katie*

*Breaks squeak*

Katie: A new bus!?

Katie, Steph, Lisa: *Look at bus*

Patrick: Hello peoples.

Steph: OH MY GOD!!!! PATTY PANDA!!!!!!! *Jumps on Patrick*

Gerard: Steph!!!??? What the hell???

Steph: Oh God Gerard. Ever heard of sharing?

Gerard: Fiine, I see how it is...*Sulks back to bus*

Steph: BUT!!!! BUTT!!! *Jumps off Patrick and runs back to Gerard*

Joe: *steps off bus* Uhh...hi.

Katie: *Goes bug-eyed*

Lisa: *rolls eyes* Ugh, you women, always running after every guy that walks by.

Andy: *Steps off bus and walks by*

Lisa: *Goes bug-eyed* Oh my GOD! *Runs after Andy and tackles*

Katie: *Mock tone* Ugh, you women, always running after every guy that walks by.

Lisa: SHUSH UP KATIE! *Sticks tongue out at Katie* So hello Andy. *Grins*

Andy: Umm....haaai?

Frank: Lisa!? What the hell?

Lisa: *Drags Frank and Andy into the hotel*

Steph: Jeez, what a whore. *Looks around* Really, right? *Looks around again before grabbing Gerard and Patrick and going off to the hotel as well*

Katie: They're both whores. *Rolls eyes* I mean, jeez. *Walks into hotel, dragging Joe with, and Ray following*

Alicia: My God, they're all whores. *Rolls eyes*

Pete: *Looks at Alicia longingly*

Alicia: No, not gonna happen. *Drags Mikey and only Mikey into the hotel*

Pete: *Looks at Bob*

Bob: *Cocks eyebrow* Don't even go there.

Pete: What? *Holds up guitar hero controller* I was gonna ask-

Bob: *Cuts off Pete* OF COURSE I"LL PLAY!!!!!

Announcer: Three threesomes, and a twosome? And a Guitar playing Duo? Wow, I guess I'm safe for this chapter. Until next time...I guess....yeah....bye *Runs off*