Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Brush of the SciFi Nerd


*everyone looks at her like shes crazy*

Katie: Andy Pete Patrick and Joe are Space Aliens From the Planet Geldar*nods proudly* oh and Ray and Bob are Marines, Bobs in charge of looking after Brendon because he was kidnapped

Bob: What the hell? Joe, did you let her into your stash

Joe; No, Andy flushed it

Lisa: Katie no more scifi

Katie:Andy's a hand to hand combat specialist from planet geldar...and hes Freakishly strong and Pete has elemental powers of light and dark.....where he can like control little creatures of either side

Pete: O_o.......and I'm the bi polar one?

Katie Patrick can teleport AND I SWEAR TO FREAKING BOB IF YOU KNOW WHERE ATLANTIS IS YOU BETTER TAKE ME THERE NOW! buts hes also really really smart and can bend all known laws of physics

Steph:O__O you stay away from Patrick

Patrick: I'm going to hide now because i have no idea where Atlantis is

Andy: Vegan ninja is pleased with these results

Lisa: O___o

Frank: Andy's gay

Andy: AM NOT!

Katie: And Joe's like Telekinetic and kills things with his mind, thats why he smokes so much other wise he wont be able to control his mind and we'll all explode in mounds of guts and blood and I'm sure no one wants the job of cleaning that up

Ray:wheres the yarn Ball?

Philippe: *Growls laying next to the ball*

Ray:...Demon Chihuahua

Katie: And Bill was a geologist but he fell into the hole OF DOOM!

*Bill walks in in a mad scientist get up*

Bill: Ladies if you please well start the Pap test now



Alicia:...... If hes gonna be a gynecologist I'm sewing my vagina shut

Mikey: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Steph: I'm with Alicia on this

Gerard:......but...but....EROTIC DUCT TAPE!

Bill: *Throws away his instruments and picks up a rock* I HERD THAT ITS NOT A ROCK ITS A GEODE! A GEODE DUDE!

Announcer: he he Like the Pokemon

Alicia: Don't even start with it!

Announcer: O_O

Alicia: *Pulls a P-90 out of rays hair and pulls announcer away*

Katie: SEE! If Ray wasn't a Marine why would he have a military grade firearm in his hair?!

*Distant bang*

Lisa and steph: NO MORE SCIFI!

Alicia: *Walks back in casually and hand gun back to Ray* Where where we?

Pete: *steps in front of camera tune in again please

Announcer: *distantly* THATS MY LINE!

Alicia: *Eye Twitch*