Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

We can't die. We just can't.

Announcer: *Steps in and whispers* Uhh...hello? *Knocks on screen* Hey there, so umm, it's been almost a year since we last...uhh...since we last got together, So let's just say this. We're back down to just MCR and the girls. Let's start over fresh, a clean slate and see what happens from here. Right? Okay, let's go. *Steps away*

Alicia: *Sticks head out of bus.* I heard an announcer voice. *Glares around.*

Mikey: Babe? Don't worry about it. Come back to bed.

Alicia: I swear I heard someone. *Runs outside searching frantically.*

Mikey: Oh no. GUYS! Alicia's gone mad!

Lisa: Well can we hurry this up? The Super Bowl starts in a half hour. *Goes back to TV*

Frank: She's hooked...I can't get her away from it.

Steph: She's addicted to sports. You can try everything and she won't get away from there.

Frank: Oh? We'll see about that. *Grabs a box and goes to Lisa*

Steph and Katie: We gotta see this. *Run to the door.*

Frank: *Reaches into box and pulls out fuzzy handcuffs.* Oh Lisa....wanna get some of this? "Pulls out skittles* Lisaaaaaaaaa

Lisa: Not right now. *Eyes still glued to TV*

Frank: *Pulls out duct tape* You know you want some of this...

Lisa: Frank! Not right now. After the game.

Frank: *Sighs* Fine. *Walks away* You guys are right.

Alicia: *Runs back to bus* I GOT HIM!! *Holding announcer's head.* See?

Announcer: Oh no you di'nt! *runs around outside.*

Frank: I got this. *reaches into Lisa's Sea-Bag and pulls out a small red aerosol can.* Mwahahahahaha *Runs outside*

Steph: I don't like the look of that can....Lisa?

Lisa: What?

Steph: What's in that small red can you have in your Navy bag?

Lisa: OC spray. Why?

Katie: Frank grabbed it and...

*Loud piercing scream followed by repeated curse words are heard from outside.*

Lisa: Oh no. *Runs outside*

Gerard, Bob, Ray from their bunks: Shut up guys!

Steph and Katie: *Grinning*

Bob: What's going on?

Steph: I think Frank attacked the announcer with OC spray.

Everyone: *Grimacing in pain.*

Announcer 2: *Peeks into the picture.* Who did get OC sprayed? And what is OC?

Steph: Pepper Spray's evil satanic cousin.

Announcer 2: Ooohhhh ouch. Well who really did get OC sprayed? Was it the first announcer? Or did he retaliate and get Frank? Find out next time.
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I can't let this die! Lol....