Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Whats been going on guys?

ray: *looking at pile of merch and paper with Katie's head sticking out of top* where have you been hiding? you show up for super bowl and then try to run away again?... AND WHY DO YOU HAVE BLACK HAIR!?

Katie: well i read that all of you but bob got married so I got a job!....and i was bored of red?

Ray:... what?

Lisa: *nods* Shes been working down in Florida

Gerard:....what is Florida?

Steph: *washing the red dye out of his hair* Never again... NEVER AGAIN!


Lisa: Florida? you know Orlando? Miami? anything

Frank: the fumes have gotten to him

Bob: working in Disney land? they kicked me out for scaring kids.... *holds up t-shirt* wanna buy a shirt?

Ray:... Modern day escape?

Katie:.... they pay in skittles?

Ray:.. *kid naps and ties to chair*

Lisa: YAY! We got her back!

Frank: *Ties to chair and Glomps* No more navy for you!

Lisa: NOOOooooo*is rolled away * should i tell them i quit?

Everyone: *nod nod*

Announcer:*looks around from hole in Wall* so in a year... Lisa has joined the navy and Katie has started work promoting another band will that interf.. *hears movement and freezes*... *blood drips down wall*

Mikey:... Alicia come out of the wall love

Alicia: *wiping hands on black pants* sorry... saw a rat

Mikey:...big rat

Alicia: oh you know same as always *smiles and shrugs* aww did Katie and Lisa leave again?

Gerard: rays brain washing Katie again and well Lisa and frank...

Alicia: Right... well tune in next time as we reintegrate our long lost writers