Status: Hiatus due to the fact that I don't want it deleted for being "improperly written" even though we wrote it "Play Script Style"

What to Do When You Are Hyper...

Drumsticks and Blowup Dolls

*Next day*

Frank: My ear hurts...*Whines*

Lisa: You brought it on yourself.

Frank: Shut up.

Lisa: Don't you dare tell me to shut up Frank Anthony Iero!!! *Smacks*

Frank: -_-

Lisa: What crawled up your ass?

Steph: *Whispers* Maybe Bob's drumstick.

Lisa: *Snigger*

Frank: *Sigh*

Lisa: I give up. *Runs to front of bus* GUYS!!!!!!!! Frank's mopey!!!!

Ray: *Rubbing hair* My hair hurts.

Katie: Shut up, Ray. I'll do it again. *Picks up drumstick*

Ray: O_O *Shuts up*

Lisa: Frank's mad because he's grounded!

Gerard: It was his fault...

Lisa: You helped *Glares*

Gerard: *Goes back to driving*

Mikey: *Pokes head out of bunk* Guys! We're trying to sleep!!

Lisa: Sooo-reey

Mikey: *grumbles as he goes back into the bunk.*

Alicia: *From bunk* we're so getting our own bus next tour.

Mikey: Yes...

Lisa: Oh god...just do it already....

Mikey & Alicia: Okay!!!!!!

Lisa: I didn't mean it *Backs away from bunk area waving hands*

Steph: *Goes up to Gerard* At least I can't hear them from up here.

Bob: -_- Why am I here???

Lisa: Aww...Bobbert don't be sad. Here...*Goes to bunk and gets a package* I found thsi in Frank's belongings, but then he found me.

Bob: o_O I'm afraid. *Opens it* O_O

Katie: *Looks over Ray's head* A blow up playboy bunny???

Lisa: Remember when I worked at SPencers? Yeah, Frank was there, he bought it, but then he started talking to me. It was unopened.

Bob: It's not as fun as the real thing.

Lisa: I give up. *Goes to back of bus* Frank? Those were my skittles!

Frank: *Through mouthful of skittles* wanna taste the rainbow???

Lisa: *Grins* Okay....