10 steps to falling dangerously in love

Step 5

“What’s that?” Josh exclaimed peering into Finn’s school bad.

Seeing his friend’s skepticism Finn frowned, “You’re in right? Or are you gonna be a right daddy’s boy instead?”

Josh debated with himself inside his head, though he already knew what he was going to say. Being new at a school mid term was tough, but then having a teacher as you’re father was just worse. Finn knew exactly the right cards to pull to make Josh do as he wanted. He just wanted to fit in, so what if that meant smoking a little dope? It was only once, not like it wouldn’t instantly label him a druggie, or get sent to jail.

“Course,” Josh said trying for a smile. “I’ll catch you later at break,” and he was off down the corridor.

As if by magic, Amy was suddenly at Finn’s side, “What was that all about?”

Finn showed Amy what he had in his bag and enjoyed the complete utter look of shock and horror that engulfed her pretty face.

“I thought we could do it together, babes,” Finn smiled easily reassuring her, “Just me and you, trying something new.”

Amy bit her tongue and smiled back, Finn’s words echoing through her skull, ‘Just trying something new… just trying something new…’


“So you’re not coming?” Amy stated grimly, her lips pressed in a hard line, as she ran her hand threw her hair. Shevonne shook her head, not understanding a single thing that was going through Amy’s head. She tried to remember the days when they had gone to school together, happily as normal best friends, when Amy didn’t only talk to her when she needed some short stupid favor, and she found she couldn’t. Shevonne personally thought that she had preferred when they weren’t speaking, then at least she hadn’t had to sit around outside worrying about Amy.

Meanwhile Amy, Josh and Finn were huddled behind the schools rotting bike shed, where no one ever went because it was such a mank area. Amy found that she had caught the giggles and couldn’t help laughing as Finn lit the very ordinary looking cigarette and passed one to Josh. Amy struggled with the lighter, so Finn shared one with her.

Amy tried not to think about the countless lessons and lectures she had had about drugs and their effects and damage to the body, about the dangerous results and consequences. She felt like she could feel her mother’s disapproving eyes on her as she inhaled the stuffy smoke. It rasped in her throat and made her coke, she hated it.

For a while they just sat there waiting for the drugs to take effect and then Finn began to laugh. Just a chuckle at first, until it grew to a full on hysterics. Josh’s vision began to blur, the bright colours of the bike shed grew to huge blobs that swirled around him in magical shapes and swirls. He lifted one hand and began to trace the shapes with his fingers, his eyes staring eerily off into the distance. Amy on the other hand, wasn’t feeling so good, she felt like she had just got of a scary rollercoaster, and now her stomach was doing flip flops, the ground and sky spinning.

“Finn?” she called into the distance, her vision blurring with tears. Why was she even crying? Wasn’t she supposed to be feeling good? Instead she felt like she was being hit with an immense wave of sadness that scared her to death and brought more and more tears.

“Amy?” Shevonne whispered, unnerved by the sight she saw as she knelt down beside her best friend, scrambling for a tissue. But Amy was worlds away, crying and crying for Finn as she clung to Shevonne.

It felt like forever before she finally quieted down looking quite wary and confused as to what had just happened. Shevonne was livid as she pulled her friend up trying to drag her away.

“Hey where are you going?” Finn demanded, taking Amy’s others free arm.

“Out of here...” Shevonne spat like it was obvious.

“Amy just needs some time to get used to it, when we do another round that’s all,” Finn smiled dragging the words out slowly. Shevonne could see he was still high, and it sickened her to think that she had left Amy with him.

“What about Josh?” Shevonne asked as he was still in neverland, drawing circles in the air like some demented conductor.

“Oh, he’ll cool down in a minute, just had a bit more than us that’s all.”

Shevonne shook her head. “We’ll see you later, okay? Amy’s had enough.” Shevonne stated firmly as she made for the toilets still dragging Amy.

Amy blew Finn a kiss over her shoulder, as she smiled up at the sky. Finn blew one back, still chuckling to himself. At least his parent’s bloody money had gone to some good use.
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