Sequel: Undecided
Status: Compleat!


Mollie and Cat were raised by their muggle father and squib mother in middle class Dublin, Ireland. Littie did they know that they were infact witches and heirs to a huge fortune and estate that belonged to their mother's family line.
When they find out that they are witches and go to Hogwarts they can hardly belive how wonderful and well... magical their true world is. They get even more confused when Mollie falls head over heels for a boy two years older than her and one of her best firend's older brothers. Again they are shocked when Cat takes a fancy to a certin evil little slime ball from a different house. However they don't return their feelings... or do they?
The twins find many things at Hogwarts that they never expected to happen, they find out about their magical abilities, they realize they can have more friends than just each other, and they realize that they can fall in love. Everything they experiance is UNEXPECTED!
  1. The Beginning
    The twins' world just changed forever.
  2. Daddy, can you make us go poof?!
  3. Dorkfoy Clan are duffuses...
    Shopping in Diagon Alley... silly white blond people...
  4. Panda Patronus and Phoenix Tears
    great magic indeed! hehe
  5. Not Lady Anything, Just Cat and Mollie
    LOTS of stuff, the girls finally get to Hogwarts and already have three friends
  6. First Day Mayhem
    It's the girls first day of classes and they're out to impress.
  7. Happy 11th Birthday
    their birthday is September 13th by the way
  8. Just a Normal Girl, as for the Dream, Not so Much...
    oh how I love Drama ^_^
  9. Little Show Off
    Fluffy, Walking, Massage,and Flying class what could possibly go wrong?
  10. One Can Only Hope I Guess
  11. Sneaky Ninjas
    Cat and Draco dissapoof all day
  12. Love is Confusing
  13. Comfort me my Blue Eyed Blond
  14. Learning About Me
    One day alone can be just enough to make you realize everything you never knew.
  15. Learning a Secret
  16. You shine like the Sun
  17. The Time of the Moon
  18. If we Just Stick Together
  19. Kitties and Piercings
  20. A Sister's Love
  21. Ball Prep
  22. It's a Night to Remember
  23. GAH Could Tonight Be Anymore Confusing
  24. Fire at Will
  25. Unwilling Admittance
  26. Fire and Water
  27. Who Knew
    Final chap, final days of school