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Who Knew

I sat up in bed and threw a pillow at Artemis who was pulling my hair with her beak and squawking in my ear.
“What?” I glared at her and then at my clock to see it was a little after midnight. She squawked and started to attack the door. I rolled my eyes and pushed Mollie out of my bed where she was and I don’t remember why.
“OUCH! What was that for?”
“Artie wants something. Look.” I pointed at my crazy bird and sighed getting up. I didn’t even bother to change out of my pink frog heart fuzzy shorts or black tank top. I slipped my fuzzy panda slippers on and opened the door following Artemis. Molls followed me in her skittle pj pants and bright green tank top and neon yellow fuzzy slippers pulling on one of my hoodies that was too big for her. I had my wand out and read to jinx anyone who I saw moving. We got to the common room and saw Neville on the carpet under a full body bind. I made Mollie leave him and we left the common room and walked down the hall following Artemis. She led us to the third floor threw several short cuts that we had never seen before and we saw the forbidden corridor open and we dashed inside. A second later Harry, Ron and Hermione materialized out of nowhere.
“What are you doing here?” We all demanded at the same time.
“We could as you the same thing!” We all said in unison again.
“Ok we need to stop this.” Molls and I stated together.
“Agreed.” Harry, Ron, and Hermione said together. I looked at Hermione pointedly.
“We’re going to try and stop Snape getting the stone.”
“And you didn’t tell us because?” Mollie demanded poking Ron hard in the chest on every syllable.
“We didn’t want you to get hurt?” Ron tried and we both hit him.
“Jerk.” We muttered.
“It looks like Snape’s already been here.” Harry pointed out pointing to a harp lying on the ground. I looked at Fluffy and smiled. He was starting to wake up. He opened his eyes and growled at us, standing up quickly. I ran at him as the others all trying to stop me.
“FLUFFY BABY DID YOU MISS ME?!” I hugged one of his massive legs and kissed each nose and then started to scratch him till he rolled over onto his belly. I began to rub his belly and motioned for the others to go down the trap door. They did and I followed promising Fluffy I would be back to play with him later.
“How did you do that?” Ron demanded looking at me in the gloom.
“The first three headed dog was created out of darkness and shadows. Things of the night, darkness, water, and shadows like me. It’s because I’m so awesome.”
“Um I hate to break it to you but I’m being choked.” Mollie commented from my right. I lit my wand and saw that everyone but me was wrapped in living vines.
“Devils Snare!” Hermione exclaimed and told us all to sit still. “If you don’t sit still it will kill you.” And with that she sank through the vines.
“If it kills us why isn’t Cat wrapped up too?” Ron demanded fighting the vines.
“It’s a creature of the dark. Molls how about some sun?”
“ON IT!” She closed her eyes and concentrated and then there was a BRIGHT light and the vines let go of them and dropped the four of us to the bottom with Hermione. We went to the next room and there were keys and brooms. Harry caught the key having Ron, Molls, and Hermione help him corner it and tossed it to me. I caught it in a water whip so it couldn’t get away and put it in the lock to open the door. The next room was a giant Chess board. Ron played us across it he sacrificed Mollie and himself and he got hurt really badly. We won and Mollie stayed with Ron to look after him while Harry, Hermione, and I went on. The next room had a HUGE dead troll in it and we just went on passed it. The next room had a bunch of potions in it. Hermione and I worked together to figure out the puzzle and we sent Harry through and we went back to get Mollie and Ron and make sure they were ok taking one bottle of nettle wine with us to give to Ron to dull the pain. When we got back to the chess board I ran to my sister and hugged her.
“Did Harry get through?”
“Yes, but there was only enough potion for one to go through so he went on and we came back for you and Ron.”
“Will he be ok?”
“Yes.” Both Hermione and I replied as Hermione poured wine down Ron’s throat.
“Ron should be, too.” Hermione added. I looked at my hands and made a large snake of water appear and rotate around my hands. I touched where Mollie was hurt and healed her then did the same to Ron.
“Everyone ok now?” I looked at the other three and they all nodded. “Ok good. ARTIE I KNOW YOU CAN HERE ME! COME GET US!” Artemis appeared and everyone took a hold of me and I grabbed her tail. The next second we were in front of Professor McGonagall’s rooms. I started to beat on the door. A moment later she opened it looking VERY ticked.

“What?!” she yelled then saw it was me knocking and her face softened. “Yes Catherine?”
“Someone is trying to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry is down there right now trying to stop them. We need to tell Dumbledore, but he’s not here. If he was Artemis would have taken us to him.” She looked at us shocked.
“How do you children know these things?”
“It’s a gift I guess.” Mollie said receiving a glare from McGonagall. They didn’t particularly like each other; it was the same with Snape. I on the other hand was good at both subjects and wasn’t as annoying about it as Hermione was, so both loved me. Whatever, I can get along with everyone. As for Mollie, she just rubs most people the wrong way. That’s just how we are personality wise I guess.
“Well she’s right Professor, but in my opinion it’s a curse.” I said trying to keep her happy. “Anyway, we got to Fluffy and saw that someone had already gone down.” Ron started to say something but I stepped on his foot hard and he stopped. “So we went down the trap door. Mollie beat the Devil Snare with her sun light after I had distracted Fluffy with hugs and kisses and a belly rub. All of us got the key and unlocked the door, Ron got us across the chess board only sacrificing him and Mollie. He was hurt so Mollie stayed with him. The troll was already dead and then Hermione and I figured out the potion riddle, though if she would have just let me open them all and smell them it would have taken MUCH less time. ANYWAY, there was only enough for one person to go on so Harry took it and Hermione and I went back. I used my water abilities to heal Ron and Mollie and then called Artemis to get us out of there. She brought us here and you know the rest.” I told her very rushed. She gaped at me. I looked at her innocently like I do this kind of thing every day.
“Alright you lot, in here. Let’s get some hot chocolate and biscuits in you and I’ll call Poppy to come take a look at you all. While we wait I’ll send a letter to Albus and tell him he is needed immediately. The four of us walked into her office and she conjured another chair for Mollie while I made one out of water and snuggled into it getting comfortable. Everyone looked at me, Mollie in disapproval, the others in shock.
“What?” I asked curling into a ball and taking a biscuit out of the tin Hermione was holding.
“CAT! You said no one should know!” Mollie scolded.
“Know what?” Professor McGonagall demanded.
“I’m the Moon I control water and air. Mollie is the Sun she controls fire and earth.” I explained.
“CATHERINE!?” Mollie exclaimed.
“Mollie our head of house and friends NEED to know so that if one of us freaks out they can come up with a suitable cover story. I already told Harry, he saw me down by the lake making my snow and ice sculptures,” I took the cup of coco I was handed and sipped it enjoying the warmth of the bitter sweet liquid and the delicious taste of the cinnamon sugar on the newt shaped biscuit. That combined with the warmth of the fire warming the water my chair was made of, and the drain of all the adrenalin now leaving my system I was getting REALLY sleepy.
“Fine. And you KNOW it will be me they have to cover for. Little miss I have complete control over my element.” She crossed her arms and pouted while I rolled my eyes.
“If you practiced harder you wouldn’t have this problem, also if you had better focus and didn’t get hypnotized by the fire so easily. Mollie, you’ll get it and much faster if George is around you when you practice to keep you focused on your work. He won’t let you lose focus and hurt yourself.”
“Shhh, Mollie. Kitty sleepy now.” I closed my eyes and was about to drift into a deep sleep.
“Oh no you don’t.” I was doused in cold water and looked up in annoyance at the med witch Madam Pomfrey. I flicked my wrist and all the water on me came off and I formed it into a pillow and put it under my head. She checked me over quickly. “Alright, you’re fine; you can sleep if you want.”
“Good.” I mumbled and closed my eyes again. She checked over the others and said they were fine.
“Now if you’ll excuse me, I must return to the Hospital Wing Professor Dumbledore just brought Potter in and he’s unconscious and covered in blood and burns.” She turned to leave. I opened my eyes and stood up waving my hand for the water to disappear into the air again where I had taken it to begin with.
“Can we go see him?” Ron asked as he and the others stood too.
“I should say not! You can see him in the morning.”
“It is morning.” I told her. “It’s 4 in the morning.” I said without looking at a clock or anything. I could feel where the moon was in the sky without looking and knew the time automatically. I had just recently been able to do that. Apparently Mollie could do the same during the day when the sun was up.
“I mean later in the morning. Don’t get smart with me.” I smiled at her. “After 9 am with be fine.” We all nodded. Madam Pomfrey left and our Professor sent us off to bed for the night.

A week later we were sitting at the end of term feast. We had beaten Slytherin for the House Cup with some last minute points awarded to us by Dumbledore. 50 each to Ron and Hermione, 60 to Harry to tie it. Then he gave 10 to Neville for showing courage and standing up to his friends. That put us ahead of Slytherin to win but he wasn’t done awarding points yet. Mollie got 50 for staying with Ron when he was hurt and killing the Devil's Snare, Professor Sprout and I were NOT pleased when we found out that she never turned OFF the sun light and killed it. And I got 60 for taming the savage beast, Fluffy, and for having the calm head to heal all the injuries and get us the heck out of there and to a teacher that could help. He didn’t put mine and Mollie’s reasons exactly like that but that was what it boiled down to. So in the end we TOTALLY SMASHED SLYTHERIN! YAY GRYFFINDOR! I looked over at Draco who did NOT look happy and smiled at him a little. I winked my eye and his pumpkin juice rose up out of his cup and started to dance. He chuckled a little and then drank it right out of thin air. I glared at him and used the juice in the pitcher to mess up his hair and color it orange. I smirked at him and cheered for my house with the rest of the school a huge smile on my face. When we all sat down the food appeared and we dug in. I elbowed Mollie in the side getting all of our friend’s attention.
“Mut?” Mollie asked a mouth full of bred and potatoes. I looked at her my eyebrows raised and she swallowed. “What?”
“Look at the Slytherin table and tell me what looks odd.” All of them did and then all of them burst out laughing at about the same time.
“What HAPPENED to Malfoy’s HAIR?!” Harry asked a huge smile on his face.
“I dyed his hair orange with pumpkin juice ‘cause he made me mad.” I pouted with a small smile.
“Wait, DRACO as in your FRIEND Draco, made you mad?” Mollie demanded. Everyone looked at me shocked when she said friend. “What did he DO?!” I looked at the others.
“Yes the two of us are friends. Have been most of the year. Hell he even spent Christmas with us at our estate in southern Ireland. I won’t tell you why though. That is between the three of us and Grams. And I was trying to cheer him up by making his pumpkin juice dance and he drank it all out of the air so I used the juice in the pitcher to smack him and mess up his hair. It just happened to turn it orange too.” I smiled and all of them laughed.
“HEY!” Mollie exclaimed as I took a bite of spotted dick. “What are we all doing this summer?”
“Harry is going to come and stay at the Burrow with me.” Ron said.
“Hermione is coming to our Estate with us Molls. She’s meeting us in Dublin staying there for three days and then the three of us are going south with mom. Dad has to stay and work but he’ll join us when he can. You KNOW this we talked about it last night smart one.”
“Oh, right. Well what are we going to do about our training? Grams said we were starting on our second element this summer. You sooner than me seeing as I still don’t have fire as under control as I need it to be.”
“Um, yeah, about that. I AM NOT letting Draco stay all summer with his father so he’ll be spending part of it with us. As for you, you can ask George to come over whenever you want him to. Fred can come too and play with Daisy and Loxie.”
“Who and who?” Fred asked his eyes wide.
“Our kitty’s!” I exclaimed with a smile on my face.
“Cat, they are NOT kittys. They are HUGE! Loxie is my lion and Daisy is Cat’s white tiger. Cat THINKS they are like little house cats, but they are DEFINITELY not. For one thing house cat’s don’t eat my weight in food twice a day and for another thing, house cats don’t need a litter box the size of our beds to poop poops the size of you, Cat.” I stuck my tong out and ate the last bite of my spotted dick and potatoes. I started on my corned beef and cabbage.
“I still say they are our kitties.” Mollie rolled her eyes and the others laughed. “OH and Fred, George, if you ARE at the house and Draco is there too. No picking on him, cupeesh?”
“Huh?” They asked.
“She means do you understand.” Hermione answered. “Cupeesh is a muggle word that means do you understand.”
They nodded.
“OOOOH! Ok, fine we won’t.”
“Good boys.” Mollie and I said at the same time.
“If anyone is going to make his life hell it’s me.” Mollie said and pushed some lettuce into her mouth.
“Mollie, we’ve been over this. Do you want a repeat of earlier this year?” I looked at her sternly and she swallowed before she answered in a mumble.
“I didn’t think so.” We finished eating and then we all went to bed because we had to get up early and catch the train home in the morning.

The next morning Mollie and I woke up and dressed in our identical jeans and red Gryffindor tees. We pulled on our matching knee high boots; mine have a taller heel so we can be the same height. We then went to the bathroom and put on our makeup and straightened our now identical hair. We had stayed up a little later last night doing this spell on our hair to make it rainbow colors. It would only last a month but that was perfectly fine with us. We just wanted to confuse people for once. Artie and Appa took our trunks home where we would see them tomorrow and wouldn’t have to worry about them on the train. We grabbed our black purses, mine had my purse from Narsissa in it so I would have EVERYTHING I could possibly need in it but no one would know that by looking at the outside of my black bag, it looked exactly like Mollie’s. We grabbed our matching black zip up hoodies and walked down stairs to see all of our friends waiting on us. I had remembered before we left our rooms to spell our boots so the heels looked the same height but weren’t.
“Hey everyone.” We said at the same time.
“NO THEY’RE IDENTICAL!” the twins said looking at the two of us trying to figure out who was who.
“You bet we are.” We said at the same time again, identical wicked smiles on our faces. The other four were laughing.
“Cat, have you been playing with the appearance altering spell we learned two days ago in the library?” Hermione asked walking around us.
“Just on our hair.” I said.
“And on our boots apparently.” Mollie said looking at her heels of her boots then mine. I smiled and flashed a peace sign. “Choose!”
“Juice?” Harry asked.
“No, chew- sah, c-h-o-o-s-e, choose, it means peace in Japanese. I learned it from one of the girls I ride with on the circuit every summer.”
“We should go or we’ll miss the train back.” Hermione pointed out and we all nodded and walked down the stairs. The first years had to take the boats back across the lake, so we did. Molls and I in our larger more padded and more elegant looking boat, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville in the same boat just like the first crossing. When we got there we all got on the train and found a compartment after hugging Hagrid goodbye. The trip back was SO much fun we laughed and joked and talked and all too soon we were pulling into King’s Cross. Harry, Hermione, and I wrote down our phone numbers three times and swapped them and gave a copy to Ron hoping he could figure out how to use it. We got off the train and I ran to Draco and gave him a huge hug. His mom and dad were standing their watching us.
“Have a great summer Cat. What did you do to your hair by the way?” I smiled and hugged him tighter, then pulled back and looked at him never letting go of him fully.
“I charmed it this way, Mollie’s looks identical. It will only last a month but we wanted to be identical for a while and confuse people. You have a good summer too. And don’t forget you promised you would come and stay at the Estate with us while we’re there. I’ll send Prince or Rosewood to collect you when I want you there. Ok?”
“Sounds good to me. Oh Cat this is my mother, and you have met my father.” I turned to look at the tall beautiful woman who had a soft smile on her face and smiled at her, then glared at his father who took a step back. Draco elbowed me. “Cat, darts.” I shook my head and felt the ice darts turn to vapor again.
“Hello Mrs. Malfoy, it is so nice to finally meet you.” I said, a sweet smile on my face.
“It is good to meet you too my dear Princess.” She smiled and curtsied.
“Please don’t. Just Cat please, and I hate it when people bow to me or curtsy, and call me princess. I don’t even let my house elves.” She smiled and nodded to me. A second later Prince appeared in his tux Rosewood in a blue sundress next to him.
“Your mother and sister are headed this way Cat.” Prince told me examining his fingers as if they were the most fascinating thing on the planet.
“Lucius, they look like Draco.” Narsissa whispered to her husband.
“Yes dear I know they do. Draco’s personal elf looks like her, well her with her all white hair and red bangs.” I smiled at them.
“She should still look like that, after all that IS my natural hair color.” My mom and Mollie appeared then.
“Catherine Anne Sheehan, your sister tells me YOU are responsible for your current appearance. WHAT did you DO?!” I smiled at her.
“It’s a charm and it will wear off in a month. We just wanted to be identical for a while. Oh, mom, you remember Draco’s dad and this is his mom.” I gestured to the two blond adults standing in front of me and Draco, who I was still hugging.
“Cessy!” Mom hugged Mrs. Malfoy who returned the hug with just as much excitement exclaiming,
“CASSY DARLING!” Draco, Mollie, and I looked at each other confused.
“Girls, Cessy and I were the best of friends before I ran away and married your father.”
“OOOOH!” The three of us said in understanding.
“Oh it has been so long!” Mrs. Malfoy gushed.
“I didn’t know you married Lucius. Nor did I know that Draco was your son, I knew he was Lucius’, he looks just like him. He has your eyes though.” I rolled my eyes and looked at Rosewood.
“Rose, what time is it?”
“About 6 ma’me.” I nodded.
“HEY EVERYONE!” All the adults look at me. “Why don’t we go get dinner together?”
“That sounds marvelous dear.” Mrs. Malfoy stated linking arms with mom like Molls and I do all the time.
“What do you girls want for dinner?” mom asked.
“FLORIAN’S ICE CREAM!” Mollie and I yelled and ran off me dragging Draco by the hand. This was going to be an interesting summer but I fell that a lot of things in our lives are still UNDECIDED.
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