Heaven Forbid


Looking up towards the grey sky, Narcissa decided it was definetely appropriate weather given the recent events. She grimaced as small, delicate droplets of rain quickly turned into a torrent of water and ignored the fierce urge to throw a dry charm over herself in order to avoid ruining her new dress. The woman hurried across the street, pulling her dark hooded cloak ever closer around her face, praying to the Gods that she wouldn't be spotted by anyone that might want to give her trouble. Which would more than likely be the entire wizarding population at this current point in time.

Finally reaching her destination, she pulled the heavy door open and made her way inside of the dark shop. Taking cautious footsteps forward, she made her way to the counter and rang the small dust-covered bell that lay on the desk. Instantly, she felt a rush around her as the scenery changed, and stepped into an eerily lit room.

"Narcissa, my dear, what might I do for you on this lovely evening," spoke a sinister voice from behind her, nearly startling her half to death.

She took a deep breath, and spun around in the direction of the voice. A figure appeared out of the darkness, revealing the source of the voice-- not to mention the source of all the pain and misery currently beseeching the Malfoy family. A pale, lean man stepped forward, his hair as pure white as her husband's. His smile seemed warm enough, but the glint in his eyes decieved him.

Narcissa did a slight curtsy, and reached out her hand towards the man, who took it and grazed her knuckles with his lips. Dropping her arm quickly to her side, she inhaled sharply as tears already formed in her eyes.

"Mr. Darke," she began, her voice trembling. "I pray you understand the reason I've requested your company at such a.... a terrible time, for lack of a better word." She waited for Mr. Darke to nod and then continued. "You have been kind enough to grant the Malfoy family the recognition and finances we have been fortunate to have recieved. As you likely recall, my husband Lucius had lost a great deal of these... finances in the proceedings leading up to the War. When he came across your person, he hadn't the slightest idea that you would do us the favor of making sure we were able to continue living as we previously had." Narcissa closed her eyes, and paused for a moment to keep herself from bursting into tears.

"Of course, this came at a price. He, blindly, I might add, promised our only son D-D-Draco to you, to become your s-s-slave, in exchange for these finances y-you have provided us with."

Mr. Darke's smile widened, and he nodded. "Yes, all this has, in fact, taken place Narcissa, my dear. Yet, I must admit, I still do not quite understand why you have contacted me in order to merely re-educate me in my own business."

His lips curled into a sinister grin. "Unless, of course, you have come for other reasons?"

Narcissa nearly collapsed at the sound of the evil in his voice. She knew it would be to know avail, but dear God she must try. It was her only son for Merlin's sake. Her dearest Draco. How could she not fight for him? Collecting herself, she did the only thing she could think of.

"I beg you, Mr. Darke, I'm pleading you find it in your heart to forgo this part of the deal." She got down to her knees and began to sob, unable to stop herself. "He's my only son, my only boy, the sole heir to the M-Malfoy line. And for Godsakes he's s-stuck at seventeen. It's been t-twenty years! He hasn't a-aged, my p-poor D-D-Draco. Please, I beg of you, t-take m-me instead!"

Narcissa's entire body shook as the sobs took control of her breathing. She gasped for air, and fell into a coughing fit, choking on her own tears.

All the while, Mr. Darke sat off, smirking silently to himself, enjoying the sight of such a woman pleading in front of him. At his feet. He waited as she found the strength to calm herself. Narcissa regained control, and slowly, shakily rose to her feet, adjusting her skirts, and then drying her damp eyes with a lace cloth.

"I-I do apologize. But you have to understand, he's my s-s-son." She breathed deeply, attempting to avoid yet another episode.

Mr. Darke shook his head, almost in sadness.

"No, Narcissa dear, it is I who shall have to apologize. A deal is a deal, I'm afraid. I will come to pick up Draco next week, as we had previously arranged. Rest assured though, he will be in good hands."

But from the familiar glint in his eyes, Narcissa knew that Draco would be far from in good hands. Unable to stop herself, she collapsed on the floor once more, her wails filling the entire room. Mr. Darke looked down on her with satisfaction. It was what she deserved, the miserable excuse for a mother. He tsked, drew out his wand, and then Apparated out of the room, leaving Narcissa Malfoy to her misery.
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