Heaven Forbid

The Awful Truth

The room began to swim, as Narcissa Malfoy's words enveloped Harry. He closed his eyes, determined not to lose the battle he was fighting with consciousness. Several long moments later, Harry reopened his eyes to find both Malfoys standing together in front of him, with looks of worry spread across their faces.

Harry giggled madly, unable to control himself. They actually had him for a moment there. Truly. They must think him for a fool.

"Yea, right. Right. You are a funny lot. Truly. Had me going there. Honestly, is this your idea of revenge for those miserable years you've spent in Azkaban? Because it was pathetic. To think I believed you for a moment....." he trailed off, looking from one Malfoy face to the other.

"You're not kidding, are you?" he asked, his voice shaking.

Narcissa shook her head, the sadness in her eyes confirming Harry's fears. They weren't lying after all. Once again, the room began to swim as Harry tried to grasp what was happening. He sat down on the couch behind him, sinking into the soft, white fabric.


Narcissa released her husband's hand, and made her way over to Harry, settling herself near him. She put a hand on his knee, and said simply,

"He owes you."

Harry had to have a good laugh at that.

"Everyone knows bloody well that he owes me. If I hadn't spoken in on his trial, or even saved him from that damned fiendfyre that Crabbe so brilliantly set off, he wouldn't be here!" he half-shouted.

Narcissa squeezed his knee gently. "Yes, we know, dear. And we are most grateful to you, Mr. Potter. Which is why you're here. For us to repay you."

Harry snorted. "By making your son my slave? Rubbish."

The woman removed her hand from his knee, and began to wring her fingers together, nervously. "It's the only way," she said, quietly, staring at the floor.

Harry remained silent, unsure of how to reply. He pitied the woman. She was a wreck; nothing like the Narcissa Malfoy she had so proudly put on. He sighed. "I still don't understand."

Narcissa looked back up at him, a small smile appearing on her worn face. "To put it simply, we need you to call on the Life Debts he owes you. This, along with other spells we have discovered over the years, will leave him to you. He will become yours, and only yours. And he will remain so until the day he dies."

Harry frowned. It was so wrong. A slave. How could he do it? It wasn't in his nature to even consider owning a slave. Even with Dobby, he could hardly ask the poor house-elf to fetch him a sock, let alone bully him around. Harry's eyes moistened at the memory of his friend, but he quickly pushed the thought back and cleared his throat.

"Alright," he said, his voice just above a whisper. "I'll help Draco."

Narcissa's eyes grew wide, and she grabbed Harry's face in her hands, laying sloppy kisses on both of his cheeks.

Harry drew back, shocked. Ignoring this, Narcissa pulled the man to his feet, and hurried him into the hall, all but dragging him to what he assumed would be Draco's room.

They paused just outside a grand, black door. Narcissa turned to Harry, a look of deep concern replacing the smile she had managed to put on. Harry grimaced, wondering what else could possibly be wrong.

"What is it?" he asked.

Narcissa drew a deep breath, and exhaled sharply. "You should know. The spell Mr.... er, Darke, cast on him..... It's caused him to.... remain the same."

Harry frowned. "Well, fine. So, I'll be dealing with an uptight, snobby, arsehole again. What else is new?"

Narcissa's own frown deepened. "No, I mean..... He hasn't exactly aged."

Harry gasped. "Wha-" he began to say, but was interrupted by the witch pushing him into the room. Seeing nothing at first, Harry moved in for a closer look and found himself staring at a sleeping Draco. A Draco who looked much the same as he did the last time Harry saw him.... Twenty years ago.