Heaven Forbid

Rules and Regulations

Harry followed Narcissa into what he assumed was the tea room. It was the only charming place one would find in the manor. Several large windows were placed throughout the room, overlooking the gardens, each with a set of lace drapes. In the middle of the room were two small tables, both holding expensive-looking tea sets. Four accent chairs surrounded the tables, all facing an ornate fire place.

The moment they'd entered the tea room, Harry began to relax. He could sense there were spells set into place for this purpose, but found the results rather inviting. The stinging in his arm seemed to relax as well, and before he knew it, he was sinking happily into one of the chairs.

Narcissa settled into one of the chairs opposite Harry. She seemed to enjoy the other man's content, smiling pleasantly to herself. She snapped her fingers, and the cups in front of them began to steam as they filled themselves with hot tea. Harry eagerly took one and began to sip at it, enjoying the taste on his tongue. Sugary scones appeared on his plate, and he had to keep himself from shoving them into his mouth. He had no idea he was so starved.

A small "ahem" interrupted his concentration on eating, and Harry looked up. His face reddened, realizing he was making a bit of a fool out of himself, eating and drinking noisily. Cursing the spells in the room, Harry put down his cup and wiped his mouth with the cloth napkin that had appeared in his lap.

"Er, sorry," he said, embarrassed.

Narcissa smiled. "No need to apologize. It's only that we have much to discuss, and I'm sure you wish to get back to your own family."

Family, Harry thought. Oh. He'd nearly forgotten he was supposed to be on that train with his children. Checking his watch, he realized that they would already be back in London by now. Ginny would be worried.

"Right," he said. "Go on, then."

Setting down her own cup of tea, Narcissa closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, they were moist with tears. Once again, Harry pitied the woman. He couldn't imagine what she was going through.

Clearing her throat, she began.

"First, you should expect that he won't remember very much. Just a side effect of the spell. His memory will slowly come back, and I must warn you, he will not be happy. Lucius and I neglected to tell him about...well, everything really. Of course, he couldn't ignore the fact that he wasn't growing any older, but we convinced him that it was the Dark Lord's doing, and that we were doing what we could to reverse it."

Harry frowned. He didn't like the idea of having to explain what happened to Draco. That would definitely be a problem, especially if he were to react as he expected Draco would react.

"Couldn't I bring him by so that you could explain? I'm sure he'd much rather hear it from you. He's not too fond of me, if you recall," he said.

Narcissa quickly shook her head. "No, I'm afraid it won't be possible. He won't be able to come here for awhile. The spell won't let him."

Harry looked at her, confused.

She sighed. "There are certain.... things he will not be able to do. First, it is absolutely vital you don't allow anyone but your family to touch him, at least until he's become acclimated to the spell. Otherwise, it will hurt him. To what extent, we aren't sure. But it will not be pleasant for him, that much we know. He will also need to perform certain tasks for you. If he doesn't, the spell will harm him. He will not be able to leave your side for the first few weeks. After that, he will not be able to go a specific distance without your permission. You will also need to teach him how to live all over again. For a time he will be very simple-minded. Please, be gentle and patient. Eventually he'll remember. We are just not sure when."

Harry lay back in his seat, trying to remember all of this, wondering how he'd be able to handle it. Finally, he decided it would be a very touch-and-go situation. A learning process, if you will. Slowly, he nodded.

"What else?" he asked.

Narcissa shrugged sadly. "We cannot be sure of everything. There aren't many notes on this particular spell. It's old, and hasn't been used for centuries. You will just have to be prepared to expect the worst."

Expect the worst. Harry seemed to do that a lot. He sighed deeply, and ran his hands through his dark hair.

"I'll do what I can," he said, trying his best to sound confident.

Before Narcissa could reply, Lucius appeared in the room. He walked slowly over to them, and bent down to whisper something in her ear. Narcissa nodded, and stood up.

"I cannot tell you much more, Mr. Potter. There are certain things we, as Draco's family, will not be able to say or do. If the spell even has a feeling we are trying to influence him, or your decisions about him, Draco will find himself in great pain," she said, sadly.

Lucius put a hand on his wife's shoulder. "You will find that Draco's things are already on their way to your home. We must ask you to take him now, and leave, before he wakes. Otherwise, there might be unpleasant consequences."

Harry stood up and nodded. "Alright, then".

"We have arranged for your transportation. You will be taking a Portkey. I must ask you watch for Draco, because he is in no condition to care for himself. Thank you." Lucius smiled thinly.

Harry was taken-aback. Never did he expect to hear those words coming from Lucius Malfoy's mouth.

"Welcome," he replied.

A house-elf appeared, guiding a confused-looking Draco into the room. Harry noticed they had dressed Draco in a simple robe, and left his hair disheveled as ever. Very much unlike the appearance obsessed Malfoys. He just assumed that they could no longer have a say in what he looked like.

"Hallo, Draco", said Harry, as warmly as possible.

Draco looked up at Harry, and gave him a small bow. "Master", he said, and walked unsteadily over to him.

Harry offered his arm, and Draco took it gingerly. "Say goodbye to your parents, Draco", he said, waving his own goodbye to the couple.

"Goodbye to parents," said Draco.

Harry frowned. Simple-minded was an understatement.

Lucius nodded at a book, which had appeared on the table before them. Making sure that Draco was clinging on to him well enough, Harry picked the book up, and moments later found himself standing in front of his home.

"Well, here we go," he said, praying Ginny wouldn't be home just yet. He'd much rather explain all of this before she saw Draco. Harry walked with Draco up the few steps, put his hand on the door, and pushed it open.
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