Heaven Forbid

Home Sweet Home

The lack of chaos in the house told Harry that Ginny had yet to come home with the kids. They'd likely stopped to have a bite to eat, as they did every year after school let up. Closing the door behind them, Harry ushered Draco into the living room.

"Well, it's not quite like your parents' place, but..... it's still home," Harry said, giving the other man a small smile.

They stood in silence for a few moments, as Draco took in his surroundings. Harry watched nervously, for some reason or another afraid that Draco would be offended by his simple lifestyle.

"Well, er, how about I give you the grand tour then, eh?" asked Harry.

"Whatever you wish, Master."

Harry cringed. He loathed the word, and the way it rolled off of Draco's tongue so effortlessly, as if it were meaningless. Or even, as if he'd always referred to Harry that way. It was so wrong. Nevertheless, he bit his tongue and made a small motion with his hands, asking Draco to follow him.

"This is the living room, where we lie around and watch the tube, or Ginny, that's my wife, will sometimes knit, and the kids will..... well, you get the picture." Harry shrugged, and continued.

"There's the kitchen, where we'll have all our meals and tea, and whatnot. Please feel free to help yourself to anything you'd like...." he trailed off, remembering the fact that Draco couldn't actually eat without his permission. If he even remembered how to eat in the first place.

"Er, well that way is the back yard, and through there you'll find the loo. Also, the study is through that hallway on your left." Harry pointed each one out.

Draco nodded slightly over-enthusiastically at each, which might have been funny if it had been in any other situation. But it wasn't, therefore Harry felt more of an urge to throw something rather than laugh.

"Right, so on to upstairs then." He led the boy to the second floor, walking behind him up the stairs in case something happened and he fell. Mostly he was worried that Ginny might come home and throw a fit if she saw the former Death Eater walking around their house, and so he hurried Draco along, praying they would be able to avoid a scene.

"That way is our room," he said, waving at the large double doors that led to the master bedroom. "Mine and Ginny's, that is," he added. He shuddered at the thought of Draco somehow becoming confused and winding up in bed between the two.

"This one right here is the twins' room, and then right across is Lily's. Oh, and there's another loo right next to that, but you'll actually have for yourself in the guest....er, your room".

They walked down the hallway, finally reaching one of the two guest rooms, which would now be occupied by Draco. He pushed the door open, revealing a large four-poster bed, wooden floors, and matching drapes pulled back to show a rather nice view of the garden.

"So, you'll be sleeping here, and then through that door right there is your own personal loo, with a shower and bath and really whatever else you might need...." Harry stopped, as Draco went and peered into the bathroom. He emerged with a bright-eyed look on his face, as if he'd just been told he'd been crowned King of England or something of the sort.

He walked towards Harry, fell to his knees, and began to sob as he wrapped his arms around Harry's legs, nearly causing the man to fall to the floor himself.

"Master is... so kind to give Draco these wonderful things! How can Draco ever repay Master? He shall work hard, yes! He shall do anything, anything Master needs, Draco will, he swears it!"

Harry froze. He hardly knew how to react. Finally coming to his senses, he picked Draco off the floor and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Draco, you must stop referring to me as Master. My name is Harry. And this is your home now, so you very well should expect to be treated as one of the family."

Draco grinned childishly, and nodded. "Yes, Harry Master".

Harry groaned and rolled his eyes. Obviously they still had some work to do.

At the same instant, he heard the door downstairs open and shut, and the sound of arguing children echoed throughout the house.

Ginny was home.

"Wait here!" he commanded Draco, who immediately froze in place.

"I mean, wait here, please. On the bed. Sit there."

Draco obeyed, and went to seat himself on the bed, as Harry turned and exited the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

He made his way downstairs, trying not to panic. He hadn't a clue as to what he would say to her, or how she would react. Actually, he was sure she'd be murderous. One of the many reasons he'd asked Draco to stay upstairs, hidden. No need for any deaths around here. Finally, deciding he'd just have to wing it, Harry took the last step and found himself staring into the green eyes of his wife.

"Hallo," he said, smiling impishly.
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Sorry it took me so long to write another chapter. School started, so I've been busy. But I'll do my best to post faster. Hope you like it! <33