Heaven Forbid

Around the Dinner Table

Shaking his head, Harry left the study and made his way back up the stairs. He paused for a moment at the twins' room and pushed the door open. Immediately he was greeted with squeals of "Dad!", as the boys wrapped their arms around his waist.

He grinned and ruffled each one's hair, squeezing them tightly to him. His kids meant the world to him. Given the fact that he hadn't been raised by a proper pair of parents, the moment Ginny had announced she was pregnant with their firstborn, Lily, Harry had vowed to be the best father he could possibly be.

"So, how'd you like your first year at Hogwarts," he asked, leaning against the wall.

"It was so wonderful, Dad," replied Albus, immediately. He was the louder of the two, and was never afraid to voice his opinion. "I loved Potions!"

"Yes!" piped in James, excitedly. "We learned to fly, and I was better than Al at it!"

Albus shot a dirty glance at his brother, and Harry chuckled.

"I'm glad you two loved it," said their father, smiling lovingly at the boys. "But now you ought to put the rest of your things away before your mother has a fit. Supper will be ready in twenty minutes."

The boys groaned simultaneously in protest, but one look from Harry made sure they did as they were told. Chuckling to himself, he shut the door behind him and walked to his daughter's room.

He paused just outside of her door. Classical music drifted into the hallway, meaning Lily was in one of her "Do-Not-Disturb-Me-If-You-Want-To-Keep-Your-Head" moments. Harry sighed and shook his own head.


Finally, deciding it wouldn't do them much good if he pretended his former enemy wasn't actually waiting for him in the guest room, Harry made his way to the end of the hall, knocking just before he let himself in.

He found Draco exactly as he had left him; sitting on the bed with a brilliant smile across his face.

Harry gave him a small smile. "Well, supper will be just about ready, so I suppose you should change into something fitting if you'd like."

Draco stood up abruptly and walked over to the trunk Harry had brought up earlier. He pulled out some robes, and began to strip down.

Harry coughed slightly and turned around, his face reddening. "I'll just be on my way, then. You're welcome to come downstairs whenever you're ready."

Draco said nothing as Harry walked out of the room and shut the door behind him. He tugged nervously at the collar of his shirt. Obviously Draco was more comfortable around him than he had originally expected.

Harry decided it'd be a good thing to keep in mind, for future notice. No need walking in on the other man in more... awkward moments.

Shifting his thoughts, he walked down the stairs, the smell of roast and potatoes making his stomach growl. Just as well, since the last time he'd eaten was when he had been shoving his face with scones back at the Malfoy manor.

When he reached the dining room, he found that the table was already set, an extra plate put in place right next to Harry. He sighed, and went to go find Ginny, hoping he could be of use in some way. She was still irritated at him, and the woman could definitely hold a grudge; Harry would do anything to help ease on the forgiveness.

He wandered into the kitchen, only to find himself kicked out by Ginny, who had apparently, "already taken care of everything, thank you very much". Harry only gave her an apologetic smile and went to take a seat around the table.

The twins had already taken their places, as had Lily. He grinned over at his daughter, who flashed him a smile back.

Draco hadn't joined them yet, but Harry figured it was just as well. He might as well prepare the family for what was to come, before their eyes fell out of their heads from the shock.

He cleared his throat. "So, we'll be having a guest join us this evening. Actually, he'll be joining us from now on. He's going to be staying awhile, at least until we get some things sorted out."

"Who?" asked the twins, in unison.

"An old friend," he replied, simply.

As if on queue, Draco walked slowly down the stairs, staring intently at the ground. He approached the table, and stood silently, waiting.

"Er, please sit, Draco. Right here next to me is fine," said Harry, motioning to the chair on his right.

Harry looked over at his daughter, whose mouth was agape with shock.

"Everyone, this is my old classmate, Draco Malfoy. Draco, these are my children; the twins Albus and James, and my daughter, Lily. Oh, and that's my wife, Ginny, right there," he added, as Ginny walked in with the roast.

Ginny nodded. "Nice to see you again, Draco," she said, unable to hide the unease in her voice.

Draco frowned. "I'm..... apologize. I do not recall you," he replied, anguish in his own voice.

Ginny shot Harry a look.

Damn, he'd forgotten to explain the amnesia part. He looked at her helplessly.

She shook her head and smiled thinly. "Oh, don't fret over it. We weren't very great friends, as it was, so I wouldn't expect you to remember."

Draco looked back up, his pained expression lightening up a bit. "Oh," he said.

At that same moment, Lily exploded.

"You don't remember?! You, of all people don't remember my mother," she shouted, rising out of her seat, her eyes wide in fury.

"What in the bloody hell is a Death Eater doing in our home?" she demanded. "Especially this one! Are you all crazy?"

Harry had been afraid of this.

He glanced at Draco, who seemed to have melted into his seat. He was shaking, tears spilling from the corners of his frightened eyes.

"Lily, please," said Harry, pleading.

"Do NOT please me, Daddy! How could you let him sit next to you? He tried to kill you, for chrissakes! Look at him! My God, he looks exactly the same. As if no time had passed by...." her voice trailed off, as Draco's appearance began to sink into her mind.

Lily sat back down, clearly overwhelmed and confused.

"I can explain," said Harry, turning back to Draco, who had now begun to sob.

"Shh, Draco," he said, petting the boy's silky, blonde hair. "It's okay, it's fine, really. I'll explain everything, I promise. Lily didn't mean it. She doesn't understand either."

Lily glared angrily at her father, but said nothing.

Draco seemed to calm as stroked his hair, even leaning into his touch a bit. Soon his sobs subsided into silent hiccups, but he continued to shiver.

The rest of the family sat stunned at what had just gone on, except for Lily, who looked on in complete rage. Harry sighed.

"It's a long story, so you'd better get comfortable," he said, settling himself into his seat, but keeping one arm on Draco.

And then he began.
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