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Watching You

You’re going to freeze to death

Only during this time of year do I feel so free; walking along side the rippling lake as the wind caresses my cheeks as well as the branches of the many trees surrounding my entity. Auburn, brown, and yellow leaves fly by me with such force but land so gently on the water, and for a second I’m awestruck by beauty like always.

This is what I turn to when I have no where to go, no one to help me… no one to understand me. Of course there’s always Harry and Ron, but really I couldn’t talk to them… it just…. They already have enough on their minds. I wander down here and lose myself in the nature and sometimes he’s down here…

A simple troubled blonde, I think somehow he’s kind of like me. He always comes bellowing down here when he’s angry or upset. In the back of my mind I always wonder what distresses this boy so much. I’ve taken to watching him from across the lake; his every movement is captivating. Recently he’s taken to skipping rocks across the smooth surface of the lake, he likes shattering the serenity when he can’t stand the utter stillness anymore.

And I’ll be the last one to admit it, but I think I’ve begun to fall for this boy… When you look through the past, through the pain, and around his reputation you can see the eloquence written all over his defined features.

Autumn’s last dying leaves have fallen and winters cold wisps are now about, but still day by day I visit the lake almost as if it is my life source. He stopped coming down as often when the weather turned frightful, and as much as I hate the feeling it saddens me… I shouldn’t like this boy. He still hates me, still calls me names. I should want to curse him into oblivion and instead I want to be held in his arms, I want to hear his voice everyday, I want him. This strange new addiction to the one boy I don’t need in my life is tearing me up inside.

So now I’m sitting against my favorite tree staring and the frozen lake ahead of me, shivering and crying. I don’t know what’s going on in my life, recently I’ve been pushing Harry and Ron farther and farther away and I no longer speak with Ginny. I have no one; I saw him just minutes ago, sitting with all those goons he calls friends and saw that just like me so many girls were staring his way with lust filled eyes and realized he has everyone he could possibly want, and I have no one. At that instance I stood and ran out of the Great Hall, tears already lacing the corners of my eyes. I might be crazy but I think someone might have come after me, but who would? And now I’m left to wipe my own tears and stare at the lake.

I jump as I feel something warm being draped over my shoulders until I notice it’s someone’s cloak, it smells intoxicating I wonder who’s it is but I don’t turn to see… I don’t want anyone to see me in this condition. I’m supposed to be proper and hold my head high, but the moment I fall someone’s here to see it.

“Aye Granger you’re going to freeze to death out here.”

My breath caught in my throat, it’s him… “W-why d-di-did you f-follow me?” I spluttered between my teeth chattering.

He was silent for a bit, “I saw you rush out of the Great Hall and I was worried that this is where you would come, I know you’re here almost everyday and I didn’t want you out in this weather…”

Did he say he was worried, I don’t believe this at this point I stood his cloak falling from my shoulders, I glanced up at his face then farther to his eyes. They showed nothing but pure honesty and compassion, and I bolted I can‘t take this…
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