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Watching You

Oh hell no!

Draco’s P. O. V

I swipe the thin fringe from my eyes, why me? What makes me so special? I don’t want this task… I don’t want to kill my headmaster.

They picked me over every other head in the crowd. There were so many practically begging for such a “Glorious” opportunity like this. Something to prove their worth, but not me, I don’t want to be one of these…. These killers…. I don’t want pure innocent blood on my hands. But I can’t fathom a way out, I perform or I die.

I go to the lake everyday just to think. I can get lost here and not notice time passing or space moving… It’s surreal. But sometimes the stillness is just to much and I feel my own presence is disrupting the flow of nature. I skip rocks sometimes, it breaks the smooth glass of those frigid waters . Waters I just wish would submerge me and never let my form return to the surface.

She sits across the lake everyday, and I wonder where Wonder boy and Weasel are, or even that little Weaslette. I wonder why such an intelligent beautiful creature isn’t surrounded by her own fan club, and even more why she’s pushing everyone away. Her presence, even from a distance, is intoxicating. She takes over the atmosphere and things are different, the sun is brighter, the flowers stand taller, the waves splash elegantly rather than sloppily against the shore. She has this glow about h…

STOP! I can’t be thinking this way this is the same bookworm know-it-all I’ve always known. The same one that’s always been extremely beautiful. I have to stop thinking this way.

It’s colder now and I rarely visit the lake anymore, but not because of the weather, because of her. Her face pops into my mind every waking second then it haunts me while I sleep in my chamber. I can’t get her out of my head… why? I haven’t even talked to her.

It’s the third week of December and I’ve made up my mind, I have to see her. I have to hear that voice that I know comes out silky smooth. I do have ulterior motives though, I want to find out what’s troubling her so. She’s part of the Golden Trio she should be off studying some way to defeat the Dark Lord or basking in the publicity boy wonder brings her. I want to fix what ever has those beautiful lips pulled down into an overall sad expression.

She hides it well in the long dreary corridors of the castle but at the lake it seems that all her walls of defense drop and her emotions flow out like the water of the lake. She just stares mostly, a blank sad look adorning her features.

Today she’s there as always but it’s unusually cold; she’s shivering dramatically even through the several layers she’s wearing. This is my chance, I grab my large blanket and summon up two cups of hot chocolate. I walk quickly to the lake and I plant myself firmly beside her wait for her rebuke, still waiting for her to tell me to go away, to get lost, that she hates me, but it never came. She turned her head toward me and just stared.

I through the blanket over both of us and had her the second steaming cup. She eyes it questioningly and I almost laugh.

“Just drink it. I don’t want you sick… It’ll warm you up.”

“W-why are you trying to help me?” she asks sipping from the cup.

“Well it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to, what happened to all your friends?”

“I don’t want to talk about it!”

She seemed unhappy and on edge from my previous question, so I couldn’t help but ask again. “No, seriously… These past few months have been different, what happened to you? I know we we’re not friends, hell we’re normally not even on speaking terms, but something’s wrong, and I want to know what happened!” I never planned to get frustrated but I need to know what could clutter this girls mind in such a way.

“You happened, alright!!! It’s you, all you!!! I can’t think, I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything without thinking about you!” Her expression was one of a deer in head lights when she realized what she had said, and I’m sure mine wasn’t much different.

Within seconds she bolted… she ran away from me again… oh hell no, she wasn’t getting away from me. Not again.
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