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Watching You

Fraternizing with the enemy.

Hermione’s P.o.v.

Shit, shit, shit. How could I say such things. Especially to him, to his face. No one can know what’s going through my head. I bet he’s laughing now, just having a great time basking in the glow of yet another girls yearning. I feel like crawling up in a ball and just withering away.

I ran to the castle and lost my self within the never ending corridors of this beautiful home away from home. I don’t know if I can face him again… ever. I feel humiliated.

I lean against the wall and let my self slide down the cool stones. I close my eyes and let out a long breath. ‘Everything’s going to be okay,’ I tell myself in a pathetic attempt to erase my previous flaws.

My head jerks to the side as I hear the faint sound of foot steps from around the corner of the corridor. I silently pray that they’re not his, but I’m saved the confrontation when the footsteps stop short. I hear a body lean against the wall and come to be in the same sort of position I’m in.

I want to know if it’s him but I’m afraid to see, I can’t make my body move in fear of making noise. I hear a breathy sigh and now I’m assured it’s him. I have to get out of here. I stand slowly and take one almost silent step toward freedom, “Granger please don’t tell me you’re going anywhere else. I don’t think I can chase you down much farther.”

‘Dang, crap, fudge!’ He knows I’m here.

“Uh- uh what do you want?” I stuttered.

As he walk around the corner he looked very somber, “I just want to talk.” He said this and resumed his sitting position against the walk, within eyesight this time.

Do I talk to him? About what does he intend to talk about anyways? Questions run through my mind as somehow my feet carry me closer to him. I sit on the other side of the corridor directly across from him. He doesn’t look up.

“So you like me?” he asked.

My cheeks burned, how can he be so straight forward. Wait, why is he even talking to me in the first place?

“Granger I asked you a question,” he said a bit more force in his voice this time.

“I think I told you pretty well at the lake,” I said numbly. I buried my head in my knees. This isn’t happening.

“Granger, I think I have something I should tell you.”

Great hear it comes, ‘You’re just a filthy mud blood. How dare you stain my reputation with this rubbish… ect.’ Possibilities of what he was about to say ran rampant in my head.

“I like you too,” he whispered.

My thoughts stalled, “WHAT?”

His head bowed and his shaggy blonde hair fell delicately over his icy eyes. I watched him as my heart rate began to slow, as it had jumped unusually high from his previous statement.

“I- I don’t know okay, You’re beautiful and intelligent. Everything you do is overwhelming, and… and Granger I just don’t know. I don’t know how to handle this. I feel like running away like you did, but that doesn’t help anything. You’re always in my thoughts. Fuck I don’t even know what to say. Do you know what people would think if they even caught wind of this conversation,” he ended his tirade in frustration.

“Wow,” I said dumbly.

“Really?! I just spilled my fucking heart to you Granger and all you can say is ‘wow’?” I shrunk back from his sudden outburst.

“I don’t know what to say honestly, I’m sorry.” I almost whimpered, if he ‘likes’ me so much why is he yelling at me?

“I know Granger, I know, this is just so weird. Can I, can I call you Hermione?” he asked looking up at me.

Our eyes connected and a shiver ran deep down my spine. “ If you want to, I guess.” ‘What am I doing?’ my brain screams. ‘You’re fraternizing with the enemy.’

“Well Hermione, I don’t really know where to go from here,”

“How about a friendship?” I interrupted.


“Well neither one of us really know where to go with this, and honestly I don’t know much about you. So can we be friends?”

“Actually that sounds good Hermione,” He said standing. He walked over to me and offered his hand. I took it and let him help me to my feet.

“So I guess I’ll see you around?” I asked.

“Yeah, see ya later.” He said with one last look before he walked away, and I’m left thinking, ‘Did that really just happen?’
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