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Watching You

Left in awe

~~~Draco’s P.o.v. ~~~

It’s been weeks now, and I’ve been working on this task. I feel like Snape is watching my every move, it’s enough to make me want to rip my hair out. I’m still uneasy about this, but can fathom no way out.

And then there’s her. She’s slowing my progress, not that I mind really. The thing that bothers me is if that brilliant brunette had one inkling of what I was doing in my spare time she‘d never come near me again. I don’t want that to happen, she’s absolutely extraordinary to talk to.

Over the past week we’ve ran into each other on several occasions . Even just small snippets of conversation with her are enough to leave me pondering for days. She’s just ever so intelligent. And look at me, like a lovesick puppy. How it makes me sick. Sick that I’ve fallen for a girl so far from my grasps. The moment I felt we were getting closer she was ripped from my fingertips. A friendship? Not what I had on my mind, but I guess I’ll take what I can get.

Again I’m mulling over my situation when I should be doing other things… homework at the moment. I have 4 scrolls and a presentation due to McGonagall tomorrow; you can only guess how much I have already done… zip, nada, none.

0.0 I just had one of those moments, ya know the ones where if you were a cartoon a light bulb would have appeared above your head. Who can get home work done faster than anyone else? Cha-ching, jack pot here I come.

I shut my book and left the commons heading for the lake, I hope she’s there.

From far away I can see her glow, to say it was astonishing is an understatement. The way her curls dance with the breeze… My thoughts are cut short as she turns around and her smile blows me away. I see her head tilt a bit in confusion, then she catches my drift and gets up and starts walking toward a much more private part of the lake.

As we sit together within the groves of trees near the lake I see her eyeing me, and I out with it. “Hermione, I need you’re help with this.” I swear she almost laughs at me.

“Transfiguration? I finished that over a week ago.” She comments smugly.

“And as for your presentation?”

“I’m going to do a simple vanishing spell.”

“A simple vanishing spell…. Vanishing spells are anything but simple, I’ve never been able to completely vanish something.” I said staring at her.

“Stand.” She commanded.


“Up now, wand out.”

So I obliged her, standing and dusting off my robes. She walk around behind me and grabbed my arm, I shivered. “Now look Draco, just like this. Swish and flick, left then down.” She moved my arm with hers showing me the exact way to send a vanishing spell. “Now right here at the last movement you say the enchantment, Evanesco. You’re object should vanish if you’ve done it properly. Now try to vanish that branch.”

She stepped back and I did as she showed me… the branch vanished and I was thrilled. I’ve never gotten this spell quite right and in the moment I turned and pulled her into my arms. She gasped but didn’t immediately pull away.

I released my grip and she stepped away, I saw a tint of scarlet run along her cheekbones. “ I, um… Thanks for helping me with that spell.”

“Your welcome, did you still need help with the essay part?” She seemed to have regained her composure.

“Yes, yes I do.” I smiled at her and we sat back down. An hour had passed and my forth scroll was nearly completed, I put the finishing touches on the last paragraph and sat it to the side.

Laying back on the dirt I sighed in quiet content, “Thank you Hermione.”

“You’re welcome.” She smiled, then turned her eyes to the chilly lake.

“ You know Hermione, the reason I stopped coming down by the lake so much last winter was because of you.” The words slipped past my lips without me truly meaning to say them, I was staring at the sky thinking about her.

“What? Why?” she asked, confused.

“Well because you were always there; and when I was battling… well how I felt about you, I- I just couldn’t stand it. You were so distracting, but in the best possible sense Hermione.”

“You yourself were a distraction mister mister,” she said grinning. “Bellowing down to the waters edge, throwing stones into the water, being so breath taking.” her eyes widened as she realized what she said as her mind had wandered. I smiled.

“So Hermione dearest, I’m breathtaking?” I threw on my signature smirk and watched as the crimson coated her cheeks. “Well just so you know I think you’re beautiful too.” I stood grabbing my things and smiled at her again, “Goodbye Hermione, thanks again for the help.” and I left her there by the lake in awe.
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