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Watching You

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Hermione’s P.o.v.

“Well just so you know I think you’re beautiful too.”

“Well just so you know I think you’re beautiful too.”

“Well just so you know I think you’re beautiful too.”

The phrase was on repeat in my brain and I’m unable to make it stop. Not just the phrase, but I can clearly recount his expression and that signature smirk that produced such nonsense. As many times as I replay the scene I just can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face.

I blink several times to clear my head; I have to be heading off to defense against the dark arts soon, but in the meantime I turn my eyes to the lake, my solace. Here only for this moment, my mind goes blank. I have no worries of the war, losing my friends, or even Draco. All bliss must come to an end though and I pick up my things and head for class.

It would be my luck that today in Defense against the Dark Arts was a double lesson between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Before I sauntered my way in I took a second to smooth down my hair and tuck it behind my ear… what’s gotten into me? I strode to the front of the class room almost avoiding his gaze. Almost. The slightest hint of a smirk from him simply set fire to my cheeks. I took the last remaining seat in the front beside Neville, and either I was blatantly obvious or he’d become observant over the years.

“What’s the blush about, Herms?” He spoke in a hushed tone.

“Nothing, what on earth are you going on about?” I try to avoid Neville’s piercing stare by settling my things. I ravaged through my bag and slowly pulled out my book. I let my eyes wander back to Neville but he’d either lost interest in me or merely decided to let me be. It wasn’t long before my eyes started to trail in the opposite direction, but before I could spot the blonde devil a paper butterfly landed on my desk.

My thoughts stopped short, I’ve seen this before… back in third year. It reminded me of the little origami crane Draco had sent Harry… Draco! My moves were quick and calculated when I glanced at him and sure enough I saw his wand out beneath his desk. To top it all off he winked at me, I could kill that blonde haired, icy blue-eyed, handsome, tall…. I’m getting lost, I could kill him. How dare he associate so publicly?

I’m immensely glad everyone else seems to be in their own little world for the moment; my hands hesitate as I urged them to open the note.

To the blushing beauty:
I will say nothing more, nor nothing less, than what my heart desires. I want to see you down at the lake, in the back grove of trees, at nightfall. Don’t be late.
Sincerely, Mr. Breath Taking ;)

I don’t know how to respond to this note. What does he want from me now? The blushing beauty? Mr. Breath Taking? What kind of foul trick is in play here, this isn’t how friends correspond, we’re friends… ish aren’t we? I raise my nails to my mouth unknowingly, biting my nails like I always have when I don’t know what to do. My brain was shortly saved of imploding when the teacher began his lesson… not that my focus was full force today anyway.

After dinner I walked slowly back to the common room, and even then I passed everyone by and headed for the sleeping quarters. My mind steady on the note from this morning: “I want to see you down at the lake, in the back grove of trees, at nightfall. Don’t be late.”
Do I go? Do I stay? What do I wear? Should I fix my hair? Uggghhh, why am I so worried about my appearance? You know what, forget this. I’m going to stop worrying so much and try to relax a bit. I paced over to my trunk and pulled out a pair of my favorite muggle clothing: jeans and graphic t-shirt. Next I grabbed my brush and ran it through my hair then wrapped a ponytail holder securely around my tresses of shiny waves, leaving only my bangs to fall in my face. I looked in the mirror in the lid of my trunk and was satisfied after running my finger under both eyes, removing the smudged eyeliner I’d put in this morning.

I took a deep breath and steadied myself while I tossed my robe on over my outfit. It was now or never. I walked quickly down the steps and out the common room door without as little as a question from anyone. I guess everyone’s learned to pay no mind to me now days. As I edge through the corridors I wonder what I’m getting myself into.

As I approach the grove of trees that are my destination I see a blanket and the soft glow of a fire. I can also see the outline of a boyish figure silently skipping rocks across the lake. At my footsteps he turns to face me and smiles gently. “Join me?” He asks quietly.

I followed only what could be my gut reaction and took a seat next to him. “Draco, what’s all this about?”

“I just wanted to see you Hermione,” with that he sent another rock gliding smoothly across the water. His gaze seemed connected to the lake like a young child to their mother, unbreakable.

“See me? You see all the time?” I stated dumbly.
His reply took time to emerge and I was confused by the silence. “I want to more than see you Hermione,” it seemed he couldn’t quite articulate what he wanted to say and still without breaking his gaze from the lake he placed his hand lightly over mine.

My entire body froze, this can’t be happening. This shouldn’t be happening. My mind was racing…

“Are you listening?” He asked waving his other hand in front of my face.

I blushed, “Uh, no, not exactly.”

He laughed lightly, “See you’re just as taken aback by this situation as I am. Only I’m starting to come to terms with what I really want.”

I only looked at him, wondering which words were going to spill from his lips next. When none did I asked, “Well, what is it, exactly, that you want?”

The corners of his lips tilted up and it was now that I realized how close we were, “You,” he whispered and leaned into me pressing his lips to mine in the lightest, most questioning kiss of my life.
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