Ice Hot

Chapter 1

I don't know if my life sucks or not. Either I love the turn of events that created everything that happened, or I hate it for killing me. On the plus side, I found the meaning of life. But on the minus side, I'm a killer. Well, at the end of my story, you can find out for yourself. Just to let you know, my name is Carol Fader.

My story starts when I graduate 8th grade. I finally made the honor role for all four quarters and got on the high honor role for one quarter. I had a good reputation for high school. So, to celebrate, my parents took me on a camping trip. We always go on some type of vacation. But we never went camping before. This was new for me. My parent surprised me by planning this whole trip in advanced. They knew that I would love it. They wanted to camp near a town, in case we ran out of something or something would go wrong. The town that they picked was a small one called Forks somewhere in Washington. Small towns are better for me than big cities because it's not as crowded. I'd rather go to a big town with more people.

We left Long Island for Forks 3 weeks after I finished my last final exam, which I probably aced since science is my best subject. We were only going to stay for 2 weeks because even though I knew that this will be the most fun I ever had, none of us want to stay out in the woods for that long. More than 2 weeks without bathrooms aren't that fun. The chief of police showed us where we would put up our tents when we got there. His name was Charlie and he had a daughter that lived in Forks. I didn't really want to meet a friend that I would never see again when I left. The camp ground was near a road, but Charlie said to be careful because there are animals in the forests. But, just to be safe, he gave us a walkie-talkie that he would have all the time, if we needed him. The two weeks we stayed in the forest was indeed the most fun I ever had with my parents. We saw so many animals there, and it was different from seeing them in a zoo. It was better.

The last night we were to stay in Forks, we were ready to make supper. My dad told me to get some dry fire wood while he and my mom set up the picnic blanket up. Five minutes or so after he told me to get dry wood, I heard a noise that I never want to hear again. I ran faster than I ever ran back to the camp sight and saw the most horrific thing I ever saw. A bear was in front of both my parents, pushing them back against a tree. There was no where for them to escape from, and the walkie-talkie that Charlie gave them was ten feet away. I had to stop the bear, get the two-way, and do something. But I couldn't do any thing. Just stand there useless. That was the worse thing I could ever do. The bear swung his mighty paw and dug his claws in to my parents’ chest, at the same time. Blood from them splattered on the trees and the fur of the monster. I couldn't stand the sight of it and vomited. Their bodies fell to the ground. Nothing but horror was inside me, but the beast wasn't finished yet. It came after me and put giant claw marks in my chest too. It knocked me down to the ground, bleeding from the cuts in my chest. The cuts weren't as deep as the ones the bear gave to my parents, but I knew I would die from blood loss.

I laid there, as the giant bear hang over me about to attack. I waited, but the bear ran into the woods, as if someone scared it away. I didn't care much. Instead of dying quick and painless, I was to die slow and painful. And I didn't even have enough strength to get the walkie-talkie that was just out of my reach. It felt like forever before something happened. And that something was, first, a small gust of air hit my blood stained back. It made me shiver a bit. That was the first thing to make me think in a while. It was too sudden and short to be the wind. Then, out of nowhere, there were blurs of white coming from everywhere. They stopped right in front of me. I thought I was dead and these were ghosts or maybe angels.

There were six, I think, all huddled around me, talking, either in a low mummer or a normal volume. I couldn't focus enough to tell. The blurs leaned to me and something was not natural. Something so cold, colder than ice, touched my back, arms, legs and neck. The strangest thing of all happened next. The wind picked up. A lot, like I was flying. I could tell that the forest around me was moving, and I was moving, but it was so smooth. There were no bumps, no jolts. It was like I was stationary and every thing around me was moving. The ice cold was still there, and added with the intense winds, I was freezing. But with all of this happening, I was calm. I didn't feel my breathing and I barley felt my heart beat. I knew I was almost dead. I would soon be with my parents again. The wind suddenly went down, but I could tell that I wasn't stopping. I was sure I was inside a building.
From that moment, the smells I could smell were heavenly. Was I dead already? No. I could still feel my heart, but barley. Something hard was under my back. I was on a table. I was starting to get a little scared when one of the white blurs bent down and I could see something shiny come for me. Maybe I was in a hospital, and they were going to perform surgery on me to keep me alive. But before I could think about this, any longer than one forth of a second, the scalpel was cutting into my skin. But it defiantly wasn't a knife.

From where the object cut my skin, there was a warm sensation that slowly covered my entire body. From the harsh winds I just felt and the blood cold on my body, the warm felt nice. It got a little warmer, and a little warmer. It was uncomfortable now. I wanted to move away from this feeling, but something was holding me down. The uncomfortable warm sensation got more and hotter until it burned, like I was on fire. I tried to scream, but I couldn't hear myself. I yelled out for someone to help me, to make this pain go away, but I couldn't tell if anyone was there, let alone hear me. The pain never let up. The only time it changed was when they cut me again and again to release more heat into my body. I knew that, if I wasn't already dead, I would die of over heating. Who would do this to me? I never hurt any one in any way. How is this even possible? It felt like I was on fire, but I couldn't smell or see, so was I really? I wouldn't know. All I could do is scream for help and hope that someone hears me.

I knew that I would live in this painful life forever. I finally started to cool down after several hours, which felt like forever to me. But it didn't go away all of a sudden. It cooled down little by little. Even after the flame had gone out on me body, I couldn't stop screaming for help. That took about ten minutes for me to stop. When it was all over, and I was as calm as I could be, I decided to open my eyes. But through all my trying, I was too scared. I didn't want to see what kind of torture was waiting for me.
It took all my will power, which was too low to live, to open my eyes. When I did, my live made the drastic change. Everything I could see was bright and vivid. I knew these were not my eyes. The whole world was brighter, clearer and I could see a miraculous new color that wasn't part of the rainbow. All the glory of my new vision was unfairly cut short with the presence of, what I was sure of was, the six blurs that came forward to me in the forest plus one more.

They were all so beautiful. There were four boys and three girls. There was a short, girl with spiky, light brown hair and another girl with longer dark hair. The third girl had long, layered, blond hair. She was the most perfect one of all. One of the boys had short, blackish hair and was very muscular. Another one had bronze hair and there was one with curly, honey blond hair. The oldest one of all of them had blond hair that was sliced back. The thing about all of them was they all had pale white skin, they looked extremely tired and their eyes were like liquid gold.

But all that didn't matter. They felt like a threat to me. I didn't know them. They could attack me at any time. I leaped up from the table I was laying on into a pouncing position, like a cougar. I went so fast, I should have fallen right off the table, but I didn't. The whole movement felt natural. They backed away like I was the treat. They didn't leave so I got tenser and leaped toward them. I knew with my new found speed that I could attack them before they had a chance to duck. But the bronze hair boy and the short hair, buff boy grabbed my arms and legs before I could attack them. They had me pinned against the wall behind me. Their strength should have broken my arms and legs, but I knew they weren't. The boys were strong but they weren't hurting me. It was just a little pressure. I took all my force, which wasn't a lot, to break free of their hold on me. They retreated to the other side of the room. I knew then that I was stronger than them. I returned to my cougar pose, ready to attack. Good. Because killing felt natural. And fun.
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I've had this story for a while and it was popular on another site, so I figured I'd put it up here, see if I get any readers and comments. Hope you liked it!!