Ice Hot

Chapter 11

The dining room was the most spectacular thing I ever saw. It was indeed the most beautiful room. Compared to this, my house looks like a cardboard box. What really caught my eye was the ceiling. It was the night sky with candles floating in the air. The sky background confused me a little. I was sure it was magic, but it looked so real. The closer I looked at it, I saw the real ceiling behind it. This was the coolest thing ever. I loved magic. Dumbledore took me up to the front of the room. There was a small stage with one step. It hade a long table, that took up the whole stage. The table was decorated so elegantly. He pulled a chair out, on the left from the big, center chair.

"This is where you will sit," he said. I went to sit in it. It felt nice. The chair was normal, but the fact that even if my life was frozen, I could do something extraordinary. It gave me pride.

"Thank you," I told him. "This is all to kind of you."

"I have something else to give you. After you finish hunting, go to your room. There will be your bags and a surprise," he said. I could easily follow my scent, no matter how long it was out of my hands. I was excited to give my little speech, but not the other parts. Even being a vampire, I had a short attention span sometimes. I took out my I-pod under the table. Dumbledore put his hand on my shoulder. I knew he saw that.

"It's okay. You can listen to music. When it's your turn to talk, I'll throw some magic your way," he said. He was so nice. I turned on 'Misery Business', turned on shuffle and waited for the students to come in. The sooner they did, the sooner I could hunt.

The students came in at once, probably after going to their rooms. I wonder what surprise he had waiting for me in my room. I couldn't smell a distinctive scent anywhere, and since I didn't want to take off my head phones, I tried to look for Hermione, Ron and Harry. It was as if all the school decided to flood in at once because I couldn't see anyone. Then I saw Ron's red blazing hair and Hermione was right next to him. But Harry wasn't near them. That got me on edge, for some reason. It was the strangest thing. It was like I was going to jump out of my seat. I thought it was just because I never saw them apart. I took that as the reason. I looked around for him, wondering where he was. Then, he finally walked in. I felt in a way relived, which was weird. Maybe because he was my friend now and I wanted him to see me make my speech.

When the students stopped coming in, I turned up Linkon Park and looked like I was paying attention. I made sure that I was focused on the scent of my surroundings, but sometimes I got too into my music. My ear phones were well covered and I was ready to turn it off at a moments notice. My songs ended and I turned it off. I was lucky and it was my turn to go up.

"And now," he said. "we have a new part of our staff. I have the great honor to introduce Carol Cullen." I stood up and braced myself for the applause. They were louder than I thought they would be. And I knew they would be loud. I decided to make a good, fun first impression.

"Hey, how's it going? Okay, we're going to have a great year. This is awesome because I am the guidance councilor. That means, if any of you guys have a problem, come to me and I'll help out. My room will be in the Slytherin house, so you need to tell me in advance so I can see you. Oh, but I'm not a student, okay? So you won't really see me during the day. So, that's it. See you all later and have an awesome time," When I finished, the dining room exploded like it did before. They liked me. Great. There goes my chance for a normal new life.
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AVPS: Act 1, Scene 12
Harry: "You´╗┐ know what? You are SMART like Hermione. And I for one would love to have a friend who can do my Ancient Runes essay."
Hermione: "You mean it?!"
Harry: "Yep, 'cause its due tomorrow."

Harry's kinda a jerk in A Very Potter Musical, but it's Darren Criss so it's all good. HAPPY EASTER!!!! (to all my jewish readers....... do what you do on Christmas) Was that racist, I don't want to be racist. :)

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